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Affordable housing

Density Housing

We consider the lack of affordable housing in Moonee Valley a serious issue.

Access to safe, secure and affordable housing for all ages and life stages is important. This includes appropriate, safe, secure and affordable housing for older people, young people, families, singles, couples and people with disability. Without access to affordable housing, some people may be forced to move out of our community or into housing that is unsafe, insecure or inappropriate.

Affordable housing is the outcome of the complex interaction between:

  • household income
  • the costs of maintaining a reasonable standard of living
  • the costs of adequate, appropriate and secure housing.

Commonly, affordable housing is defined as housing that costs no more than 30 per cent of household income.

The Moonee Valley City Council Housing Strategy 2010 includes strategies and actions to address affordable housing issues. This includes strategies to understand how other local government areas have addressed the issue of affordability across key groups; and to develop an action plan that includes strategies to increase affordable housing in our city.

Affordable Housing Background Paper

To better understand the experiences and extent of affordable housing issues in the municipality and potential responses, we commissioned the City of Moonee Valley Affordable Housing Background Research Paper (pdf, 1.15MB).

Key findings included that Moonee Valley experiences:

  • a mismatch between the size of the dwelling stock and the size of the households
  • high housing purchase prices
  • low growth in rental stock
  • high rental costs
  • declining rental affordability
  • declining house purchase affordability

The Background Research Paper also included recommendations to improve the supply of affordable housing in our municipality.

Affordable and Inclusive Housing Action Plan

In August 2014, we adopted the next annual Moonee Valley Inclusive and Affordable Housing Action Plan 2014/15 (docx, 54KB). This action plan builds on the previous year's Affordable Housing Action Plan 2013-2014 (docx, 40KB) and continues to respond to the recommendations in the Background Research Paper.

The Affordable and Inclusive Housing Action Plans are a strategy of the Moonee Valley Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2013-17 (the Health Plan) and will be part of the annual monitoring and evaluation program of the Health Plan. This year’s action plan also links with Moonee Valley’s Disability Action Plan.

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