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Moonee Valley has a strong multicultural community which we are really proud of:

  • 27 per cent of Moonee Valley residents were born overseas
  • Nearly 30 per cent speak a language other than English at home
  • Moonee Valley is home to people of various faiths including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hindu and the Baha'i Faith 
  • We also have a large recently arrived Somali community in Flemington and the Ethiopian community lives in both Flemington and Ascot Vale

On this page:

A Taste of Moonee Valley project

What are the foods that flavour your life?

That is the question we put to the Moonee Valley community, to create a project which would showcase our city's strong cultural and culinary diversity!

22 community members have shared recipes and stories that are special to them, resulting in this unique cook book which will be enjoyed by our community for many years to come.


Download your copy: A Taste of Moonee Valley (pdf, 5MB)accessible word (29KB)

All dishes are quick and simple to make and the book features a range of dishes including salads, desserts, meals and snacks. Try your hand at making Suqaar (Somali stew), Greek shortbread or Thai Tastic Fish and Chips, just to name a few!

To request a hard copy, email or call our Community Planning Officer on 9243 8888.

We stand together against racism

Racism.It Stops With Me logo

We’re committed to ensuring everyone in Moonee Valley is treated with dignity and respect.

Moonee Valley is proud of its diverse, multicultural community, and there is no place for racism of any form. In 2014, we made this loud and clear by joining the national Racism. It Stops With Me campaign.

We made a short video message in support of the campaign:


To find out more, visit the Racism. It Stops With Me website.

Faiths in Moonee Valley

Moonee Valley is home to people of various faiths including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hindu, the Baha'i Faith, and has a Moonee Valley Interfaith Network which brings people of different religions together to create harmony and understanding. 

Watch this video to find out more:

Developing our Multicultural Action Plan

We are currently developing a Multicultural Action Plan, one of three action plans to come under our Diversity Access and Equity Policy.

The Multicultural Action Plan will be about promoting and respecting our multicultural communities and celebrating the cultural, linguistic and religious diversity of Moonee Valley.

What you have told us already

We recently consulted our community on a range of projects and initiatives. A review of these consultation activities was carried out to understand key issues and opportunities for the Multicultural Action Plan.

Relevant findings from the consultation review are detailed under key themes below. 

Fostering respect and celebrating diversity

"The City as diverse and multicultural, with a sense of community or civic spirit, and that creates opportunities for all of its residents." MV2035 Community Vision

  • Vibrant and diverse: Moonee Valley’s multicultural diversity was felt to be a key asset with this diversity contributing to a vibrant community.
  • Celebrating diversity through festivals, activities and the arts and cultural program were noted as key opportunities.
  • Reflecting diversity in publications including Moonee Valley’s multicultural community was noted as an opportunity.

Promoting participation

"The need to better address the culturally and linguistically diverse make up of Moonee Valley when communicating information about health and wellbeing services and community activities." Moonee Valley Public Health and Wellbeing Plan Consultations Report

  • Friendly and vibrant were key words to emerge from the MV2035 community vision consultation including the recognition of multiculturalism along with happy, welcoming and fun; and supportive, caring and inclusive community.
  • Employment was seen as key in a vision for inclusion and the creation of opportunity, specifically for migrant demographics and young people. Support services, English skills and workforce readiness were also raised as key issues for newly arrived, people with a CALD background and/or disengaged members of the community.
  • Participation in community activities, services and leisure and recreation were seen as important in creating a healthy and inclusive community. Priority populations include people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.
  • Health and wellbeing including drug and alcohol use, gambling and access to safe, affordable and secure housing were noted as key issues.
  • Flemington Neighbourhood Renewal, community centres, Neighbourhood Houses and libraries were seen as important in supporting participation of multicultural communities in Moonee Valley.
  • Encouraging greater use of health and leisure facilities by culturally diverse communities at leisure facilities and clubs, were raised as opportunities as well as the need for culturally responsive planning, services and programs.
  • Information provided in a range of formats and languages were also felt to be important to encourage participation by linguistically diverse community members, with digital access noted as a barrier to accessing information.
  • Mental health, bullying and safety were identified as key issues for young people, with a need for greater awareness and support around mental health and actions to address cyber bullying and peer pressure.

Creating accessible places and spaces

"We need greater investment in community centres and programs, libraries, and public spaces that can support socialising." MV2035 Community Vision

  • Safety was a key word from the consultation on the MV2035 community vision.
  • Mobility around the municipality; access to shops and services as well as public transport; and housing were key issues for people as they age.
  • Social and physical infrastructure including community facilities, open space and recreational and institutional uses are key issues, including welcoming environments and physical infrastructure and buildings that consider the needs of diverse communities. Co-location of facilities and services was noted as key strength of Council.
  • Diversity of outdoor spaces for a range of ages, interests and recreation options as well as imaginative and natural play opportunities were suggested to encourage creativity as well as opportunities to connect with nature.
  • Encouraging community connectivity and the need for flexible spaces was also seen as important to create an inclusive community.

Leadership and representation

  • Partnerships were noted as important in the delivery of projects and initiatives across the municipality.
  • Data and responsive planning and services were raised, particularly the need for services that match need as well as appropriate awareness and staff training. 
  • Engaging residents in decision-making, including improving engagement of multicultural communities in Council decisions were also seen as key opportunities to strengthen democratic processes.
  • Supporting employment and workplace diversity were felt to be critical to improve access and equity.


The following consultation reports formed part of this review:

  1. Health Plan – Consultations report including a summary of:
    a) Moonee Valley Public Health and Wellbeing Community Committee (February 2013)
    b) Health and Wellbeing Plan – Forum (March 2013)
    c) Health and Wellbeing Plan – Survey (Feb/March 2013)
    d) MVCC Youth Advisory Committee (March 2013)
    e) MVCC Men’s Health Roundtable Report (November 2012)
  2. Healthy Ageing Strategy 2012-2017 (2012)
  3. Leisure Strategy and Sports Development Plan Background Research and Consultation (May 2013)
  4. Walking and Cycling Strategy 2012-22 (2012)
  5. Moonee Valley Next Generation 2035: “How the Community Vision was developed” (2012)
  6. MVCC Planning Scheme Review: Issues Report (March 2013)
  7. Moonee Valley’s Playspace Plan 2013-23: Consultation Report
  8. Flemington Neighbourhood Renewal, Flemington Community Report, July 2011

Information in other languages

We provide fact sheets with important Council information in nine of Moonee Valley's top spoken languages:

More information

For more information, call our Community Planning Officer on 9243 8888 or email

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