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Community group resources

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We are committed to providing training and resources for local community groups. This guide will help you to find useful information for starting and running your community group, including:

  • Community group training
  • Starting a community group
  • Managing your organisation
  • Risk management and insurance
  • Finances
  • Managing and involving people
  • Accessing funding
  • Running an event
  • Marketing and communications
  • Resources

Community group training

We are committed to building the capacity of local community groups through information, training and other resources.

Starting a community group

This section provides information that will act as a guide to incorporate your community group. When setting up a community group, your organisation can exist simply as a group of people with a...

Managing your organisation

The 'governance' of an organisation refers to the direction, control and accountability of an organisation.  Particular legal obligations apply to the governance of organisations. Governance...

Risk management and insurance

Managing health and safety is essential to successfully running a community organisation. Managing health and safety in your community organisation is similar to managing any other risk. A...


A not-for-profit organisation will generally need to make and spend money, if only to cover the costs of providing their services, day to day operations, and to plan and provide for the future....

Managing and involving people

People are a valuable part of community organisations. There are various ways people can be involved with your organisation, such as being on the committee, a member, employed by the organisation,...

Accessing funding

Most community groups will need to  to be able to provide their services and manage the day-to-day operations of their organisation. Fundraising is important work for community...

Running an event

Not-for-profit organisations  to raise funds or as part of their ongoing activities. Depending on your event activities, permits may be required for the whole event or for aspects of it. You...

Marketing and communications

Communications, including advertising and promotions, are essential tools for not-for-profits. As the internet and social media grow, communications are produced more frequently and published...


 Here is a list of helpful websites and online resources: The ACNC has the function of improving public understanding of the work of charities and the not-for-profit...

Community organisation survey

In September each year, we conduct a short survey with community organisations operating in Moonee Valley. This survey is being conducted to provide community organisations with the...