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Council Plan 2013 17

What is the Council Plan?

The Council Plan is our medium term strategic plan which covers the four-year Council term. The plan responds to our Community Vision (MV2035), by describing the objectives for delivering services and strategies for achieving this.

The Strategic Resource Plan is a component of the plan and sets out the direction, both financial and non-financial, required to achieve our objectives.

Information in the Council Plan is presented by themes which relate to MV2035, these are:

  1. Friendly and safe
  2. Green, clean and beautiful
  3. Sustainable living
  4. Vibrant and diverse
  5. Excellence in governance

At the start of each Councillor term (every four years), we set out our strategic direction and priorities through the Council Plan.

The Council Plan 2013-17 was adopted by Council on 25 June 2013.


The Local Government Act 1989 requires councils to prepare and approve a four year Council Plan within six months after a general election or by the next 30 June, whichever is later. The Act also states the Council Plan should be reviewed annually.

The  Council Plan 2013-17 (pdf, 3.7MB)(accessible docx, 220KB) was adopted by Council on 25 June 2013. It was reviewed in 2016 and the Strategic Resource Plan updated and adopted by Council by 24 May 2016.

Reporting on our performance

Strategic indicators are included in the Council Plan and we measure and report on our performance through our Annual Report.

Council Plan 2017-21

Work has commenced on developing the next plan. This time around we plan to integrate the Council Plan and Public Health and Wellbeing Plan into a single document to ensure health and wellbeing matters are prioritised across all areas of Council.

We have recently prepared three documents to help inform this plan, these are:
The Municipal Profile 2016 (pdf, 14.2MB)
The Public Health and Wellbeing Background Paper (pdf, 7.2MB)
The Health Plan 2013-17 Evaluation (pdf, 3.1MB)

Accessible versions:
Background paper (docx, 270KB)
Profile (docx, 2.9MB)
Evaluation (docx, 1.2MB)  

More information

To find out more, contact the Corporate Planning team on 9243 8888 or email

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