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Submission on a Planning Scheme Amendment

Notes on submissions to planning scheme amendments

  1. A submission about an amendment need not be made on this form. This form is to help people make submissions which can be understood by the planning authority.
  2. To make a submission you should clearly complete the details on the front of this form and lodge it with the planning authority as shown on the Notice of Amendment to a Planning Scheme. If your submission concerns property other than where you live, give details of that property and of your interest in it.
  3. To ensure that a planning authority considers your submission, it should receive it by the date shown in the notice you were sent or saw in a newspaper or Government Gazette.
  4. If the planning authority does not agree to change the amendment as requested in your submission, the Minister for Planning will appoint an independent Panel to consider the matter and you will be given an opportunity to be heard by the Panel.
  5. If this form in insufficient for your submission, attach additional pages.
  6. Do not use this form to object to an application for a permit to use or develop land.
  7. Please be aware that a submission is a public document until a final decision has been made on the planning scheme amendment, and while the file is still open. Your submission may be viewed by interested members of the public, including the applicant. Details of submissions may also be included within the official Council Agendas and Minutes which are public documents.

Submission on a Planning Scheme Amendment

Amendment to which the submission relates
Who is making the submission?
Your submission
If there is insufficient room for your submission, please attach additional sheets.



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