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Environment strategies

solar powered street light

Read more about our environmental priorities in our City Sustainability Policy and other key strategies.

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City Sustainability Policy

City Sustainability Policy

After extensive consultation over two years with community groups, individuals, schools and businesses, we have developed a policy that brings our environmental principles up front to the design of our city.

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Urban ecology in Moonee Valley

Biodiversity - Ducks in pond
What would you do if you could redesign a park and you had an unlimited budget and your only requirement was to enhance urban ecology? We asked this question, using a hypothetical park in Moonee... Read more about Urban ecology in Moonee Valley

Creating green spaces for our community

Stormwater from the Afton Street wetland is now being used for irrigating local sport fields at Maribyrnong Park and Clifton Park, with Aberfeldie Park coming on line in 2016.  This one million... Read more about Creating green spaces for our community

Green Precinct Project

Green Precint Project logo

The Green Precinct Project has bought together a variety of local businesses, community organisations and local government in Moonee Ponds.

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Improving water quality

two gum trees on a street
When it rains, the water that runs off roads, driveways and roofs is known as 'stormwater'. Rubbish and pollution from your street will be carried by the stormwater along gutters and drains, to... Read more about Improving water quality

Steele Creek recovery

On the morning of Tuesday, 24 May 2016 a major road traffic accident occurred on the Calder Freeway near Keilor Park Drive which involved several cars and a fuel tanker. Sadly, a man was killed... Read more about Steele Creek recovery