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Long Term Planning

Your neighbourhood, your ideas

  In the coming years both our city and the community that calls it home, will continue to grow and change. We want your ideas about how we can make our city extraordinary so current and... Read more about Your neighbourhood, your ideas

Council Plan

Council Plan 2013 17

The Council Plan plan sets out our four-year strategic direction and focus.

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Health Plan

This plan outlines actions to prevent or minimise public health dangers as well as enable people living in the municipality to achieve maximum health and wellbeing.

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Arts and Culture Plan

Arts and Culture Plan 2014 to 2018

The Arts and Culture Plan 2014-2018 sets out to strengthen Moonee Valley’s arts and culture delivery.

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Avondale Heights Community Precinct Vision & Master Plan

Avondale Heights Community Precinct Master Plan and Vision

This plan provides a long-term guide for the future use of the parcel of land at the corner of Military Road and Clarendon Street.

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Community Facilities Plan

Community Centre

The purpose of the Moonee Valley Community Facilities Plan 2011 is to ensure a network of facilities across Moonee Valley for people to meet and participate in the life of their communities and neighbourhoods.

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Disability Action Plan

Disability Action Plan

The Disability Action Plan sets out the actions we will take over the next ten years to support an inclusive community for people with a disability and their carers.

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Diversity, Access & Equity Policy


The policy aims to support an inclusive and diverse Moonee Valley, where all community members are treated equally with dignity and respect.

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Domestic Animal Management Plan

Domestic Animal Management Plan

The Domestic Animal Management Plan delivers a plan of action for the way we manage companion animals in Moonee Valley, namely cats and dogs.

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Economic Development Strategy

Economic Development Strategy

The Economic Development Strategy outlines our priorities to support the economic growth of Moonee Valley.

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Gaming Position Paper

Gambling Position Paper Cover

The Gaming Position Paper will guide our planning and decision making of facilities that include gaming machines.

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Healthy Ageing Strategy

Healthy Ageing Strategy

The Healthy Ageing Strategy will help us provide an accessible and positive environment that encourages and supports the contribution of older people.

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Housing Strategy


A Housing Strategy provides a framework to ensure Moonee Valley is best placed to meet the diverse housing needs of those who live here now, and those who will in the future.

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Integrated Transport Plan

Bus stop

The Transport Plan handles future challenges of population growth, increasing congestion and freight, rising fuel costs, and environmental impacts to ensure we all have access to appropriate transport solutions.

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Leisure Strategy

Leisure Strategy

The Leisure Strategy focuses on enabling, supporting and improving people's capacity to be active socially, mentally and physically.

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LGBTIQ Action Plan

Moonee Valley's LGBTIQ Action Plan aims to support our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer community members and their families.

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Library and Learning Strategy

library and learning strategy

The Library and Learning Strategy sets the future direction for ensuring that our libraries continue to meet the needs of the community, now and into the future.

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Maribyrnong River Master Plan

Children running by the river

The Maribyrnong River Master Plan provides a long-term, grand vision for future improvements to the section of the river between the Afton Street footbridge and Maribyrnong Road.

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Moonee Valley Early Years Plan

Early years

Our Municipal Early Years Plan ensures children's services are effective, targeted, robust and meet the needs of families in Moonee Valley now and into the future.

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Municipal Parking Strategy

Tram and traffic on Keilor Road Niddrie

We have developed a Municipal Parking Strategy designed to help tackle the hard issues and challenges associated with population growth.

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Open Space Strategy

Children playing in open space

The Open Space Strategy aims to guide the future design, quantity, and management of our public open spaces.

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Playspace Plan

Children playing

We have a key role in supporting play throughout the city's public open space - parks, gardens, plazas and reserves.

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Reconciliation Policy

The Reconciliation Policy provides detailed strategies under the areas of Respect, Recognition and Representation.

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Transport Safety Strategy

This is 10-year strategy is committed to achieving zero fatalities on Moonee Valley roads. 

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Thrive: strategy for young people

Thrive: strategy for young people

Thrive: strategy for young people, aims to include young people aged 12 to 25 years in every aspect of our city’s life.

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Walking & Cycling Strategy

Man cycling and woman walking

This strategy recommends that improvements to infrastructure be supported by programs to help people to walk and cycle more.

Waste and Resource Recovery Plan

Green grocery bags

The Waste and Resource Recovery Plan is our vision for the sustainable management of waste. Our aim is to reduce waste from our operations and from the community.

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