Gallery Events

We offer a range of public programs, which are all free to attend.

All these events can be booked online or on 8325 1750.

Art History Club

The Art History Club is run by prominent local artist Mark Dober monthly at 11am and is free to attend.


Whether you are a beginner or an art aficionado, the club is a way to connect through art and is an opportunity to increase the knowledge and understanding of art history and how it forms connections with art of today.

Monday 8 May - Bookings now open 
Tuesday 13 June
Monday 10 July
Monday 14 August
Monday 11 September
Monday 16 October
Monday 20 November

Call the Incinerator Gallery on 8325 1750 for more information or to book your place.

Artist and Curator Talks

If you love the exhibition then come along to an artist and curator talk.


Artist and curator talks are a great way to experience the gallery and share behind the scenes information about the artworks, artists and ideas behind the exhibition.

A New World

Saturday, 6 May at 1pm


Saturday, 15 July at 1pm

Prime Movers

Saturday, 4 August at 1pm

Incinerator Art Award

Saturday, 28 October at 1pm


INLAND Concert Series


In the tradition of the Quiet Music Festival that ran at the Incinerator from 2008 - 2010, the gallery will host three of the INLAND concert series that, to date, has attracted audiences in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Programmed by the directors Rohan Drape and Alexander Garsden, the INLAND concert series presents experimental and exploratory music from artists spanning notated, improvised, electro- acoustic, popular music and interdisciplinary sound practices.

Each of the three evening concerts will be presented as an eclectic mix of works and performances, creating unforgettable experiences that will intrigue, delight and ultimately capture audiences.

  • Friday, 19 May at 7pm - Book online
  • Friday 21 July at 7pm
  • Friday, 22 September at 7pm
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