What you need to know

An art exhibition you don’t have to leave the house for


Just because we can’t stand in front of artwork, doesn’t mean we should miss the chance to experience it.

Our Incinerator Gallery has launched its first-ever virtual exhibition – HTTP.PARADISE

Visit the Incinerator website to be transported away from the worries of social distancing and disease, and into an immersive experience in the digital realm.

HTTP.PARADISE explores positions in video art, music video and hypnotic moving images that imagine alternative visions for the future.

With the Incinerator Gallery, and many other galleries across the world having to physically close their doors, this exhibition acts as an online oracle. Demonstrating the hope, leadership and vitality of creative practices during a time when many artistic opportunities have been cancelled.

While we are all experiencing physical distancing and global concerns of community health, HTTP.PARADISE connects radical narratives as a means to explore contemporary politics, autonomy, spirituality and identity. Within a dystopian present, the promise of paradise is questioned, paving way for social change and communal evolution, where we may empathetically and collectively engage through virtual worlds.

Please note that this exhibition has ended.