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Newmarket skyline


Big Red Saved

We’re happy to announce Council has worked with Metro to save the heritage-listed river red gum and a peppercorn tree at Newmarket Station.

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Keep an eye on those that swoop and slither

Spring is here, and that means more swooping birds and slithering snakes.

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BMX tracks in Moonee Valley

We’re listening to our community about the makeshift jump tracks across Moonee Valley, and are taking steps to assess which ones are safe.

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Work complete – Big Red safe to stand for years to come

We’re pleased to report Metro Trains has completed its upgrade to the Newmarket Train Station platform including works around the 100-year old river red gum tree know as ‘Big Red’.

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We asked local school kids to help us save local ducks, the results are adorable

Their signs are sure to put a smile on your face


Tree planting blitz begins

More than 2000 trees will be planted in Moonee Valley over the cooler months to help keep our city green, healthy and beautiful.


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On the front line: Moonee Valley Environmental Health Officer Joanne Higgins

The ‘Healthies’ are some of the most important Council workers you’ve probably never heard of.


Fourth bin? What’s that all about?

If you’ve flicked on the news or scrolled through social media over the past couple of days, you might have seen that we’re getting new purple-lid bins. What’s that all about?

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Young people stepping up to Clean Up!

Young Moonee Valley residents are hitting the streets to help tackle the climate emergency.