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Celebrate Midsumma at Incinerator Gallery

Midsumma Festival 2022

Celebrate Midsumma with WHOLE SELF and Hey, I have something to say at Incinerator Gallery.

Midsumma Festival has partnered with Incinerator Gallery in 2022 to present WHOLE SELF as part of the Midsumma’s Keynote Program – AND/OR.

Opening in the Main Gallery on Friday, 28 January, WHOLE SELF illuminates the over-lapping spheres of queerness and disability as an intersection of infinite possibilities.

This group exhibition, featuring Emiko Artemis, Blackgin, Penn Gabona, Sean Miles and Bon Mott, and Bianca J Willoughby celebrates queer disability through layered pluralities, complicated intersections and multifaceted identities-which are not fractured or discrete parts, but instead represent and comprise a whole self.

Also opening at the same time is Hey, I have something to say, a group exhibition curated by Tegan Iversen featuring the work of emerging artists Batoul Ahmad, Savi Ross and Chelsea Arnott.

Hey, I have something to say will be exhibited in Boadle Hall and highlights the importance of self-reflection and discovery in the life and journey of the artist through playful and intimate works of art. The exhibition includes works in painting, illustration, photography, and design.

Both exhibitions are presented as part of Midusumma Festival 2022 and will run until Sunday, 6 March.

More information on the exhibition can be found at incineratorgallery.com.au or by calling the gallery on 8325 1750.

Exhibition details:

Opening Celebration Event: Friday 28 January, 6-8pm
Exhibition dates: 28 January – 6 March

A: 180 Holmes Road, Aberfeldie, VIC, 3040
P: 9243 1750
W: incineratorgallery.com.au
E: incinerator@mvcc.vic.gov.au