What you need to know

Community sport is back in full swing!

ASP 022

You may notice more traffic than usual on our sports fields and ovals as our winter sports clubs join the summer clubs on the grounds for the start of their preseason training program.

It’s great to see so many people enjoying these wonderful facilities, and community members are welcome to access the grounds outside of club training and matches for their personal fitness.

To keep the grounds in great shape we all need to be aware of the following:

• Strictly no soccer or football boots are permitted on the grounds at this time – this can cause significant damage during a peak growth time for the grass and affect the grounds playability in winter
• Please keep off the cricket pitches – our cricket players need these surfaces to be in tip-top condition so it’s important that they’re not used by anyone else during the cricket season
• Soccer and AFL goal areas are also out of bounds – while everyone is keen to practice going for goal we ask you to stay off this area where possible, as concentrations of foot traffic in these areas can wear away the grass and create problems during the winter season

Thank you for helping to protect our sports grounds so they’re ready for action.