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Council’s approach to weed control

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We often get questions from our community about how we manage weeds and whether we use certain herbicides.

Here are some of the ways Moonee Valley City Council gets rid of weeds without using herbicides.

Natural weed control

– Good old-fashioned weeding by hand as well as using whipper snippers and a tractor-mounted path edge
– Mulching, plant spacing and treating weeds before the seed
– Using sugar within our sensitive grasslands. This allows the native species to establish quicker than weeds
– Ecological burns and scorching in protected native grasslands
– Steam as a weed remover
– Keeping up the latest technological and scientific advancements in weed control including trailing organic herbicides
– Ensuring all new contractors commit to reducing herbicide use

By using these methods and more we ensure NO glyphosate products are used near childcare facilities, kindergartens and community facilities.

In conservation areas, such as near waterways, products specifically designed to have low impact on sensitive areas are used.

When do you use glyphosate products like Roundup?

In some cases, and as a last resort, we will use herbicides containing glyphosate to control weeds however we are committed to continue to reduce the reliance on such products.

By trailing alternative methods we almost halved the amount of glyphosate product used between 2016 and last financial year.

Moonee Valley City Council is also proud to be part of a Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) and Deakin University weed control research project, trailing alternatives to glyphosate products. We look forward to updating you on the result of the trails when possible.

Is glyphosate safe?

Council is committed to finding alternative products however it’s important to note the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has advised that products containing glyphosate are safe to use as per the label instructions and safety data sheets.

Council staff have been trained in the use of glyphosate and follow the recommendations of the regulator.