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One of the many downsides of the 2020 pandemic restrictions has been the suspension of organised sport.

Some people have said they were fine with having to wear masks and could even cope with retailers being shut, but really struggled without their weekly game of netball and football. There will be many happy people with organised sport returning!

While our local sports enthusiasts have had to leave their uniforms in the cupboard for most of the year, there’s some good news for future seasons of community sport.

We have taken the opportunity to push ahead with infrastructure upgrades at a number of sporting sites.

  • We are nearing completion on the construction of a new pavilion at Overland Reserve, East Keilor (see photo above). The new facility will boast four unisex change rooms and amenities. It will also have a scorer’s box, umpires’ room, medical room and social space. The pavilion will be available for community use during business hours. It is fitted with a lift for added accessibility, and there are solar panels installed on the roof of the building.
  • Etzel St Reserve, Airport West – We’re upgrading the floodlights.
  • Cross Keys Reserve, Strathmore – We’re upgrading the floodlights and new cricket nets are being installed.
  • Clifton Park, Aberfeldie – The sportsground redevelopment is in full swing. There is an irrigation upgrade, drainage upgrade and installation of a new turf table. We are upgrading the turf to warm season grass, which will allow the ground to withstand additional usage.
  • There is also good news for Aberfeldie Park, with a modular change facility due on site in early 2021. Located between the JA Fullarton Pavilion and the Northern Obedience Dog Club, the facility will comprise four unisex change rooms and amenities.

We can’t do much about the lost sporting opportunities of this year, but when community teams start enjoying these new facilities it will be a great reward for all the patience that has been shown in 2020.