What you need to know

Fourth bin? What’s that all about?

NOTE: If using any bins with old logo, will need to be photoshopped with new logo

Photographer: Arlene Sachon

If you’ve flicked on the news or scrolled through social media over the past couple of days, you might have seen that we’re getting new purple-lid bins.

The State Government is introducing the dedicated glass bins, as well as a container deposit scheme.

When will it start? How will it work? Will collection frequencies change?

These are all great questions that we don’t have the answers to … just yet.

Following the announcement on Monday, we’ll now be reviewing our kerbside collection services and processes to see just how the introduction of this fourth bin will work.

In line with the State Government’s timeframes, our review will include all waste services and will align with our current waste contract renewal that will occur in mid-2021.

This review will include ensuring our full understanding of rolling out a fourth bin and the extent of the State Government’s intentions in relation to who will receive this new service.

So the message at this point is sit tight. When we know more, you’ll be the first to know.

What we do know is that reducing waste and our recycling contamination rates is a priority and we look forward seeing how this new system will help us achieve this.

Keep an eye on our website and social media pages for updates.