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Hello from Airport West Kindergarten, Milleara Integrated Learning and Development Centre, Strathmore Heights Kindergarten and Montgomery Park Kindergarten

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Today’s post includes contributions from Airport West Kindergarten, Milleara Integrated Learning and Development Centre, Strathmore Heights Kindergarten and Montgomery Park Kindergarten. It is an exciting time as we prepare to welcome more of you back over the coming weeks. Teachers, educators and the children are really looking forward to seeing you again.

Airport West Kindergarten

Sing A Rainbow has been one of the children’s favourite songs since term 1. We often sing it together with the guitar. Why not sing along with us in the video below.

Recently one of the children shared with us how to say “I Love You” in sign language, educators then incorporate the children’s interest and knowledge and introduce the Sing A Rainbow song in AUSLAN. The children have the chance to explore the usage of signs and draw on their knowledge and memory to perform the whole song. When learning sign language, children are learning visually, verbally, and kinaesthetically all at the same time, which helps to stimulate their brain development and creating greater memory retention.

The discussion about AUSLAN also helps to broaden their understanding of different ways of being and doing, hence promotes their positive response to diversity.

It is lovely to see how much the children have learned! The Sing a Rainbow video has also been shared with families at home, so the learning could continue at home.

Strathmore Heights Kindergarten

Due to the easing of Stage 4 restrictions allowing children who attend early learning centres and kindergarten programs to return to face to face learning, we are so looking forward to having you all back. Olivia from Strathmore Heights kindergarten has some special “friends” to say hello.

Montgomery Park Kindergarten

Follow along with Thi from Montgomery Park Kindergarten instructions below to learn how to propagate (make a new plant from an existing plant).

How to propagate the umbrella plant with a single leaf

Most children enjoy being outdoors and love digging the soil, creating things and watching plants grow. This little project helps you grow a simple plant with your child, even if you are living in an apartment. If you can not find the umbrella plant, no worries, you can propagate any succulents which are very easy to find in the park or footpath and Google “how to propagate succulent”!

  1. Take the leaves off the parent plant. Make sure to take off carefully to preserve the wide part of the leaf attached to the stem.
  2. Put them all into a jar (or glass) of water. Make sure they are kept in a shaded place, no direct sunlight, and change the water 2-3 times a day.
  3. In 3-4 weeks, you will see the white root popping out! Now, it’s time to plant the leaf with the root to the soil. Get a small pot and fill with potting soil.
  4. Poke a hole in the soil and place the leaf in the hole and gently pat the soil around to secure it in place.
  5. Water the soil and place somewhere that gets steady light but not direct sunlight.
  6. Now, you have the small baby umbrella plant to look after. Make sure that you water the plant once every 2-3 days! Let your child be in charge of watering!

Besides just being pretty, the Umbrella plant also serves as an air freshener. The leaves do not only release oxygen, but they also absorb pollutants.

MPK umbrella plant 3

MPK umbrella plant 1

MPG umbreall plant 4

MPK umbrealla plant 5

Milleara Integrated Learning and Development Centre

We have been enjoying some home-cooked recipes at MILD. Here are two of our favourites that we would love to share with you all. These recipes are simple and can be made by children and adults working together. We hope you enjoy the process of cooking together as well as the end process of eating together.

School holidays

For those families with kindergarten and school-aged children, we wish you a happy and safe school holidays. Terms 2 and 3 this year have been times of enormous change, challenge and persistence. Enjoy your restful break, try to get outside and take advantage of the environment around you. See you all in Term 4

Stay safe and well,
MV Early Years team.