What you need to know

Helping our older residents during the COVID-19 outbreak


We know older adults are at the highest risk when it comes to COVID-19.

That’s why we’re proactively supporting our older and more vulnerable residents.

Checking in

At least once a week, Council staff will call to check on clients including vulnerable seniors and people with a disability. We’re checking on medication, isolation risk and availability of groceries and toiletries. Concerns will be escalated or referred on for extra support.

You can also do your part to check in with elderly or vulnerable neighbours. If you know someone who might be in need, we’ve created a calling card you can drop by their house offering simple thing such as picking up supermarket items for them or simply having a chat over the phone.

Download and print your copy below.

Help your neighbour calling card (PDF)

Help your neighbour calling card (JPEG)

Focusing on the essentials

We’re shifting our focus to essential needs including shopping assistance, support to attend medical appointments and the continued delivery of personal care and meals services.

We’re looking into whether our staff can start work earlier to help people access the seniors-only shopping hour at supermarkets.

Freezing meals

We’re reviewing our current freezer capacity for frozen meals. This will allow us to ensure vulnerable community members have access to food in the coming months.


For the latest information on Council’s response to COVID-19 click here.