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Volunteer with us

Our volunteers are passionate community members with a range of skills and knowledge, and all share a great willingness to help. The community spirit shown by our volunteers enables us to provide programs, services, policy and strategies that are designed to meet the best interests of our local residents.

Covid-19 update

New Restrictions
Update Thursday, 27 May 2021

In light of the most recent announcement by the State Government we will re-commence our Walking School Bus program from Friday 11 June.

FReeZA will continue online.

All other volunteer programs will remain ‘on hold’ until further notice.

While an immediate start for new volunteers is not possible, we invite applications for roles below and will continue to select and prepare suitable volunteers for when services are re-activated.

Current volunteering places available

We are currently looking for volunteers to fill the following positions:


Please remember, that many organisations need volunteers and there are various ways to find out where volunteers are needed. If you would like to explore your options, here below are a few suggestions to help your search for information:

Council is fortunate to receive interest from residents who would like to volunteer. We appreciate everyone’s kindness and desire to help.

If any of these roles match your interests, skills and availability, please use the contact details provided in the information to seek further information including how to apply.

Note: We are unable to guarantee the amounts of hours necessary to satisfy Centrelink/Job Search requirements for any of our volunteer roles.

If our current opportunities do not match your interests, use the online form below to register with our email group.

Frequently asked Questions

Here is a list of common questions asked by people who are considering volunteering with us.

We are unable to guarantee that volunteering with Council will result in paid employment.

Your volunteer supervisor can provide you with a statement of service which details your roles and responsibilities and hours as a volunteer, however it is not Council’s policy to give written references. Your volunteer supervisor is able to give a verbal reference over the phone.

No, volunteer work is unpaid.

No, in order for the experience to be a positive one for both yourself and the organisation it is important that we match your skills, knowledge and motivation against the requirements of the volunteer position which may not always be possible/available.

No, unfortunately due to the types of volunteer roles available we are not able to guarantee the amount of hours that may be required by Centrelink.

For certain positions it’s required by legislation that volunteers have to undertake a Working with Children Check. Working with Children Checks are available to volunteers without charge. Volunteers will be required to provide a passport photo. A requirement for a Working with Children Check will be included in the volunteer role description.

For certain positions volunteers are required to undertake a National Police Check as part of our duty of care to protect our service clients. There is no cost to volunteers. The requirement for a Police Check will be included in volunteer position information.

All Council volunteers are allocated a supervisor in the area they are undertaking work. Supervisors provide on the job training, sound guidance and direction to make it easy and enjoyable to carry out their volunteering work.

No. Due to time commitment and insurance requirements, our volunteering program is not suitable for school community service or Duke of Edinburgh requirements. We suggest referring to your school’s DoE Program Coordinator for advice on suitable opportunities, or contacting a Volunteer Support Organisation such as Volunteering Victoria or Volunteer West to ask for information about specialised opportunities for young people.

No, Council does not run emergency response operations and so do not offer such roles. Contact agencies specialising in Emergency Response for information about that type of opportunity, e.g. State Emergency Services, Red Cross, CFA.

Please be aware that during an emergency, agencies will be busy dealing with events and unlikely to be recruiting new volunteers.

During an emergency, only trained volunteers who are already members of an organisation are called. To be called, you need to join an organisation well before disaster strikes. That way you will have the necessary background checks and training to be ready for service.

If you are not ready, please consider volunteering for recovery. The best possible recovery always depends on volunteers.

Our Council does not operate a traditional Meals on Wheels service with a voluntary workforce and so we are unable to offer you a volunteering opportunity of that kind.

For residents who are seniors, living with a disability, or primary carers, our Council provides the Community Meals program with officers providing Home Delivered Meals and regular Welfare Checks.

For more information contact Volunteer Services on 9243 8888 or email volunteer@mvcc.vic.gov.au

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Finding volunteer opportunities

Thought about volunteering, but unsure what it’s all about and how to find the right volunteer position for you?

Here are some options to help with information about volunteering and where volunteers are needed. This list is a good start if you are not quite sure where to go.

Volunteering at a non-government Community Centre

There are neighbourhood houses and community centres run by not-for-profit local organisations that provide social, educational and recreational activities for their communities, in a welcoming, supportive environment. Organisations of this kind are managed by volunteer committees and paid staff. From time to time these organisations need the assistance of volunteers across a range of areas. You can contact Non-Council Community Centres in Moonee Valley to find out more about volunteering.


With GoVolunteer online tool you can search for volunteer positions nationally. You can search by organisation type, position or post code.

Volunteer West

Volunteer West is your local Volunteer Resource Centre. This not-for-profit community organisation services the western region of Melbourne. They provide information about volunteering, assist members of the community to find suitable volunteering opportunities and promote volunteering throughout the community.
03 9398 1233

Emergency services volunteering

If you want to help out in a crisis the best thing you can do is to get involved with an emergency service or volunteer organisation early. That way you will have gained the experience, training and skills to help out through the organisation you have joined if an emergency happens. Click onwards to see a list of emergency services organisations.

Probono Australia

Probono Australia helps people from right across Australia match their skills from industries such as IT, hospitality, design, accounting, law and sales to a relevant and rewarding volunteer role.

Volunteering Victoria

Volunteering Victoria is the state peak body for volunteering. They focus on advocacy, sector development and the promotion of volunteering. They offer information about specialised volunteer programs with opportunities for corporate/employee volunteers, people with disabilities, and young people.
03 8327 8500

Look at your local newspaper

Often there are articles about volunteering and community service advertisements that inform people about local volunteering roles.

Contact your local community organisation

Have you noticed a neighbourhood house, community health centre, church, nursing home, sports club, school or other community organisation near where you live? Ask there for information about any volunteering opportunities.

United Nations Online Volunteering

This service promotes cyber-volunteering by connecting volunteers to online assignments with organisations working for sustainable human development. Find out more about the United Nations Online Volunteering program.

Interested in a specific cause?

You might like to search on the internet for organisations that address or respond to issues related to a cause you are passionate about. Look for information on groups that try to effect change in society through advocacy or programs.