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Volunteer with us

Our volunteers are passionate community members with a range of skills and knowledge, and all share a great willingness to help. The community spirit shown by our volunteers enables us to provide programs, services, policy and strategies that are designed to meet the best interests of our local residents.

Current volunteering places available

We are currently looking for volunteers to fill the following positions:

Please remember, that many organisations need volunteers and there are various ways to find out where volunteers are needed. If you would like to explore your options, here below are a few suggestions to help your search for information:

Council is fortunate to receive interest from residents who would like to volunteer. We appreciate everyone’s kindness and desire to help.

Frequently asked Questions

Here is a list of common questions asked by people who are considering volunteering with us.

We are unable to guarantee that volunteering with Council will result in paid employment.

Your volunteer supervisor can provide you with a statement of service which details your roles and responsibilities and hours as a volunteer, however it is not Council’s policy to give written references. Your volunteer supervisor is able to give a verbal reference over the phone.

No, volunteer work is unpaid.

No, in order for the experience to be a positive one for both yourself and the organisation it is important that we match your skills, knowledge and motivation against the requirements of the volunteer position which may not always be possible/available.

No, unfortunately due to the types of volunteer roles available we are not able to guarantee the amount of hours that may be required by Centrelink.

Where a Working With Children Check (WWCC) is required, it will be stated in the volunteer role description and collected from all applicants who are 18 years of age or more.

We will also accept Victorian Teacher's Registration (VIT) or Leading Senior Constable Registration (SCR) reference details.

Working with Children Checks are available to volunteers free of cost, to find out more about the check and how to apply, please visit the My Check website.

Where a Police Check is required, it will be stated in the volunteer role description. There is no cost to applicants and any findings will be treated with respect and strict confidentiality.

Findings disqualify an applicant for a role only if the findings are relevant to that role.

Our volunteers are allocated a supervisor in the area they work to provide on the job training, guidance, direction and answer questions.

Volunteer roles currently available at our council are unsuitable for school community service or Duke of Edinburgh requirements. If you are seeking a placement suitable for a school student, please complete a Work Experience Interest Form.

The Duke of Edinburgh Program Coordinator at your school may be able to assist you with advice on finding placements, as too may Volunteering Victoria or Volunteer West.

Council does not involve volunteers in emergency response roles.

For this type of opportunity, contact emergency response agencies, e.g. State Emergency Services, Red Cross, Country Fire Authority. These organisations will not recruit new volunteers during times of emergency.

It is important that you apply to join and gain all the required training and experience you will need to be ready for an emergency, before an emergency.

Please understand that volunteers are vital for the best possible recovery following any kind of emergency. If you want to help with recovery, you can go to WeVolunteer to register your interest.

During an emergency, only trained and experienced volunteers are required.

To be called, you need to be ready for service and that means that you need to join an organisation well before disaster strikes.

If you are not ready, you can consider volunteering for recovery. The best possible recovery always depends on volunteers. If you want to help with recovery, you can go to WeVolunteer to register your interest.

Our Council does not operate a traditional Meals on Wheels service with a voluntary workforce and so we are unable to offer you a volunteering opportunity of that kind.

For residents who are seniors, living with a disability, or primary carers, our Council provides the Community Meals program with officers providing Home Delivered Meals and regular Welfare Checks.

For more information contact Volunteer Services on 9243 8888 or email volunteer@mvcc.vic.gov.au