What you need to know

How to volunteer during the coronavirus crisis


We love our council volunteers.

Without them, popular programs like our Walking School Bus and L2P Volunteer Driving Mentor Program wouldn’t be the same.

We’ve been focusing on the good in our community during this COVID-19 emergency – a big part of that is the generosity of Moonee Valley residents and their willingness to lend a hand in this time of need.

So we’re not surprised to have received a lot of calls from people who want to volunteer their help during the coronavirus fight.

Thank you!

During emergencies coordinating volunteers is a big job, and it’s all done through Volunteering Victoria.  You can read more about how to volunteer during the COVID-19 emergency here.

There are lots of other ways to help out, like donating blood or checking in on your isolated neighbours. Read The Guardian Australia’s article for some more ideas.

Right now, Council has put our regular volunteering activities on hold to protect the health and safety of our volunteers.

We know, as a community, our best possible recovery will depend on our volunteers and once it’s safe to recommence services we’ll need people more than ever.

Check out our Volunteer page for more information and pledge to help our community bounce back together.