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It’s school holidays!

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We have a special treat for some of the younger children in your families.

Meei, one of our teachers from the 3-year-old group at Cooper St Kindergarten, has written and developed this interactive story, called Hide & Seek.

Click on the below images and follow the directions to move through the story.

we connect hide and seek

Before the story starts, encourage your child to predict what the story is about, what makes them think that? When you are watching the story, talk to your child about what they think will happen next, are there any clues to help them interact in the story? Using language like behind, next to, in front of builds and expands children’s understanding of vocabulary.

North Essendon Kindergarten

Streets to Creeks

Throughout the year the children at North Essendon Kindergarten have been enjoying ‘Wilam’ a story about a day in the life of the Birrarung – the Yarra River written by Aunty Joy Murphy and Andrew Kelly with Illustrations by Lisa Kennedy. The book explores the native animals and plants that live along the Birrarung.  The book has led to many discussions about the animals that live in and around the river and our local waterways such as the Maribyrnong River and the Moonee Ponds Creek.

Watch Cathy discuss how our rubbish can impact our native animals (like the ones from the story) if not placed in the correct rubbish bin.

We have been learning about how we can manage waste in our homes and at kinder, and how the children can contribute to keeping waterways clean when we put things in the bins

  • We learned about bins and how the different coloured bins are used for different waste.
  • How waste can be used in different ways to make new things or to feed gardens/worms.
  • How we can minimise waste that goes in the red bin.

When you are putting the rubbish out at home, take notice of the different coloured bins that you have and what types of rubbish goes in each one.

Green lid: Green waste – things that will break down quickly and return to the ground leaves, grass, branches, etc.

Yellow Lid: Recycle waste – things that can be made into something else (plastic, glass, cardboard).

Red Lid: General rubbish (food, some plastic that don’t recycle, polystyrene, packaging).

Hopetoun Early Years Centre

Hopetoun Early Years Centre has shared some items that will be on their Activity Board for Remote Learning this week.

Here are some links you can watch and do with your children.

Hopscotch gross motor activity

Where is the COVID sheep book

Where is the Green Sheep? Coronavirus edition by Jasper and Ian Nash-Gilchrist

The sheep in the story are wearing face masks, using hand sanitizer, working from home, and doing exercise. At the end of the book, the green sheep is found in the lab making a COVID-19 vaccine

It is a parody of ‘Where’s the Green Sheep by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek’. We read ‘Where is the Green Sheep’ in the classroom and now we can add the ‘Green Sheep Coronavirus’ edition to our book bag.

Have you ever wondered what the astronauts might do while they are in space? READ of course!

Click the video below to listen to Astronaut, Kate Rubins, reading a book while she is in space (look at her hair for a clue that she is in space). Kate is reading Rosie Revere Engineer written by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts.

Water Absorption Experiment

You can try this yourself at home using celery sticks. Watch the following video.

Plants use their stems to draw up the water and in these two experiments, you can see how the food colour and water is absorbed.

This experiment was also shared by the educators at MILD.

Here is their activity:

Recipes from some Early Years Services

In each of the blog posts, there have been some recipes that the cooks from the Children’s Centres have shared. Food has a very comforting effect on many people. There is a warm-hearted connection between the smell of food cooking and the memories that are connected to that time.  For many children, food is a highlight when they attend childcare. As a way to support children coming back to child care, you could cook some of the recipes shared here to reminisce and look forward to what is to come.

Here are a couple of recipes shared this week:

Montgomery Park Children’s Centre

Hopetoun Early Years Centre – Cook Karen

Milleara Integrated Learning and Development Centre

If you are on school holidays, we hope you have some fun playing inside and outside, you can even go to the park now.

We are looking forward to seeing you back at Early learning or kindergarten over the coming weeks!

Moonee Valley Early Years Teams.