What you need to know

Keep an eye on those that swoop and slither

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Spring is here and that means a couple of things – more sunshine (hopefully), but also more swooping birds and slithering snakes.

Birds such as magpies are out in force at this time of year protecting their babies.

To avoid getting swooped, give them space for a few weeks until their chicks fly the nest – they will be a lot calmer once their parenting duties are over.

If you can’t avoid the area, use an umbrella or hat to protect your head.

And remember, magpies are very smart birds. If you have a ‘swoopy’ bird in your area, speak nicely to them during the year so they remember you and leave you alone during breeding season.

While you can come across snakes all year round, your chances of seeing one increases in the warmer weather.

If you see one, leave it alone and call a licenced snake handler.