What you need to know

Keeping you safe, one inspection at a time

We’ve all ordered food from a restaurant or café before. But have you ever stopped to think about what happens behind the pass – where that food comes from, how it’s been stored or how it’s been prepared?

You may not have and that’s where our Environmental Health Officers play a vital role.

The dedicated team check out food premises every day, making sure the food you consume is safe. Each year they conduct over 700 inspections at everything from cafes, restaurants, food trucks and market stalls to bakeries, convenience stores, food manufacturers and aged and child care facilities.

While most of the hundreds of Moonee Valley premises play by the rules, a handful are found to be potentially putting the community at risk.

Our officers recently took an Essendon restaurant to court for multiple breaches of the Victorian Food Act relating to the preparation and sale of unsafe and unsuitable food.

This was despite multiple attempts by our officers to support and educate the owner of the business.

The owner pleaded guilty and was fined $15,000 and handed a good behaviour bond.

Other enforcement options available to officers include seizure and destruction of unsafe/unsuitable food, formal orders requiring corrective action, food premises closure and refusal to renew premises registration.

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