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The Acts of Kindness Project

Kindness is free, let's pass it on!

Acts of kindness

Learn something, love it, and pass it on. This is the Acts of Kindness Project.

Do you have a hobby, a passion, a skill that you would like to share with others? During the height of Covid our community rallied together to share a little kindness. Teaching their neighbours things they love and enjoy.


Now we're calling community members to take part in teaching in Acts of Kindness 2.0!


Don’t worry we won’t make you go in teaching unprepared. We will be holding training so you can lead your very own workshop!


See below for workshop details and sign up today!

The Power of Kindness

Upcoming workshops

All workshops will be held on Thursdays at 6.15pm.

Past Events

Summer of Kindness - supporting 16 Days of Activism

Classes will be held live via ZOOM.

It's not a pre-recording and will be like our other classes: engaging and interactive with small groups.

It is very easy to join!

Step one: sign up for an online class through Eventbrite (registration for individual workshops above).

Step two: visit the ZOOM website or download ZOOM Cloud Meetings app on the Apple store or Google Play.

Step three: you will receive an email prior to the class starting, with a meeting link and instructions (click the link or insert the meeting ID and password into the ZOOM app).

Step four: ensure your webcam/phone camera is on so that our teacher can see and guide you through the class.

Interested in doing more than just participating?

Consider yourself a professional amateur at something? Ever wanted to share your passion with others?

We are on the hunt for Moonee Valley residents to share their talents, hobbies, crafts or skills and teach in future Act of Kindness classes

No experience needed, just a passion for the thing you do.

If you have ever wanted to join a local network, or are you interested in connecting with your local community then this is for you!

So what do you need to do to teach an Act of Kindness Workshop?

  • Step one - Think about your class idea

    Topics may include:

    Adventure, Animals, Art, Astronomy, beauty, Books and Literature, Cooking, Craft, Dance, Desserts, DIY, Economics and Law, Fashion and Style, Feminism, Film and Theatre, Flowers, Food, Games and Puzzles, Gardening, Graphic Design, Halloween, Health, History and Culture, Interior Design, Jewellery, Language, Life Skills, Mathematics, Meditation, Music, Painting, Paper Craft, Performance, Philosophy, Photography, Psychology, Relaxation, rescue, Science, Sexuality, Social Issues, Sport, Sustainability, Technology, Textiles, Travel, watercolours, wellness, wildlife, women, Writing, yoga,

  • Step two - put together a plan

    Think about:

    • What specific things you want people to learn.
    • How you might keep people interested.
    • What activities you could include to make it really memorable and engaging.
  • Step three - what materials will you need?

    Make a rough list of what you think you would need for a class of 24 people. This can be refined later.

  • Step four - get in touch with us

    Submit your ideas below, and we will organise a time to chat.

Acts of Kindness expression of interest


You can learn more about what teaching a class is like in Laneway Learnings information for teachers as a PDF.

Have any questions that are not covered above? Get in touch with us:


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