What you need to know

Less traffic isn’t a licence to speed


If you’ve been out of the house for work, or to buy groceries, you may have noticed less traffic on the roads.

It’s great to see Moonee Valley residents are staying at home to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

What isn’t so good is a spike in speeding drivers.

Inspector Chris Allen from the North West Metro Region says Victoria Police are aware roads are quieter than usual, particularly on major arterials.

“This is not a green light to drive above the speed limits,” Insp Allen said.

Police report an increase in drivers caught at dangerously high speeds.

“Instances of driving 20, 30, 40, 50km/hr above the posted speed limit have been observed and met with large fines, loss of licence and the impoundment of motor vehicles,” he said.

There’s a clear link between speeding and crashes that lead to serious injuries and death.

Police are asking our community to slow down and pay attention on our roads so everyone can get home safe.

If you don’t stick to the speed limit, police will be waiting.

“Our members are out there 24/7 and if you are driving dangerously you will be caught,” Insp Allan said.

Help keep our local roads safe during COVID-19. Less traffic isn’t a licence to speed.