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Let’s Recycle Right – Encouraging great recycling with bin tags

Recycling bin tags Moonee Valley

Moonee Valley City Council in collaboration with our recycling provider Cleanaway are helping residents learn how to recycle right and minimise recycling contamination through a new bin tagging system.

When items that belong in the red lid landfill bin or green lid FOGO bin end up in our yellow lid recycling bin, entire recycling loads can become contaminated and go to landfill. This risks undoing all our great recycling and FOGO efforts.

By using bin tags we can avoid sending recycling to landfill and improve our recovery streams at the Cleanaway sorting centre.

Visual bin inspections

To help minimise contamination over the holiday period, Cleanaway garbage collectors will be doing visual inspections of yellow lidded recycling bins in some areas.

Visual inspections will involve opening the lid of garbage bins and checking that items have been disposed of correctly. Don’t worry, we won’t be rummaging through your rubbish, just taking a look at the top.

Inspections will be taking place between:

  • 20-22 December 2021
  • 10-12 January 2022
  • 17-19 January 2022
  • 24-26 January 2022

Green and red tags making an appearance on bins.

We understand that it can be difficult to know exactly what belongs in the yellow lidded recycling bin. To clear up recycling misconceptions, collectors will be leaving behind tags letting you know if you’ve recycled right or if items in your bin are not suitable for processing.

Why did I receive a red unhappy tag?

If you find a red unhappy tag on your bin you may not have recycled right on this occasion. When the garbage collector opened your bin lid they noticed that some items should have been put in either your red lidded landfill bin or green lidded FOGO bin.

To clarify misunderstandings the collector will provide some guidance on the red card. Don’t worry, your rubbish will be collected as normal and fines are not being issued during these checks.

Why did I receive a green happy tag?

Well done, you’re recycling correctly! We want to recognise your efforts and let you know we appreciate your work.

How do I know how to recycle right?

Have you seen our A – Z recycling guide? It’s a comprehensive resource of household items and where to dispose them. To use the guide simply find your item in the alphabetised list and click on it to learn which bin it belongs in.

Let’s continue to recycle right and minimise contamination this holiday season.