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Little library, big heart

Library 2

Everyone loves our five local libraries, but there’s a new book hangout that’s grabbing people’s attention as well.

The Napier Street Community Library is a popular addition to the Strathmore streetscape. Attached to A Delicious Afare, it’s a place for local readers to exchange books, and a tribute to the perseverance of local woman Sarah Dovey.

Sarah used to visit the tiny library, started y Liz Oliver at former establishment The Little Cupboard, every day. But when the shop closed, so did the library.

“When that little library went, I worked with Council to get a new one,” Sarah recalled. “They told me about the Men’s Shed and we designed it. It can be reached by anyone in a wheelchair, and
the books are safe from the weather.”

Moonee Valley Men’s Shed Team Leader Bernie Doolan said they worked with Sarah on the design, taking inspiration from the Victorian houses around the area.

“That is the sort of project the Men’s Shed jumps at. It was a great collaboration. A bit of heart and soul, and a win for everyone.”

It is not unusual for Sarah to make the 40-minute walk to and from the new library twice in a day.

Sarah has shared her story as part of The COVID Chronicles, a short film produced by Mixed Nuts Media on behalf of Council to celebrate International Day of People with Disability.