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Meet the Architect designing our new community hub

Meet Catherine Ramsay, the architect designing our new community hub. Get to know Catherine, her work experience and what excites her most about this project.

Fast five with our Flemington community hub architect, Catherine Ramsay


1. Croxon Ramsay has worked on many community projects – what first drew you to civic architecture and designing for the community?

We started our architectural practice based on community projects. What drew us to civic architecture is the contribution that we can make to the public and communities throughout Melbourne.


2. What would you describe as your signature style?

Croxon Ramsay’s signature style is creating welcoming buildings, that people want to spend time in. It is about providing spaces where people can meet, sit, talk, read and create. We see the forms and materials of our buildings as been integral to creating that feeling.


3. What have been some of your favourite buildings you’ve worked on in the past few years?

Aintree Community Centre in Melton and Saltwater Community in Point Cook. These community centres were designed for both existing and new residents. An important element of these facilities, is the capacity to provide places for these communities to come together.


4. You have a strong interest in sustainable outcomes. How do you incorporate sustainability into the buildings you design?

Environmentally sustainable design underpins our approach to building design and innovation. An integrated design that fulfils the spatial and user requirements, while providing an environmentally sustainable outcome is important to the success of the hub.


5. What excites you about working on the Flemington Hub project?

What excites me about the Flemington Community Hub is the urban context and diverse communities. We have both long-term residents and new residents to the area. We want to create a hub that the whole community feels welcome. A lounge room, a backyard and a place to meet friends.


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