What you need to know

Buckley Street level crossing removal

The State Government has undertaken a grade separation to remove the Buckley Street level crossing in Essendon. Construction on the project has now finished.
For information on the project visit the Level Crossing Removal Project website.

September Update 2019

Council recognises that have been changes to the local roads and public transport services which has had some impacts for the amenity of local residents and business. Council continues to seek information on anticipated traffic impacts and mitigation outcomes from the LXRP. This information has yet to be provided by the LXRP.

Works are continuing at the intersection of Grice Crescent, Shamrock Street and Mt Alexander Road in relation to the installation new traffic signals. Council welcomes these work that will improve conditions and create  safer environment at this intersection. LXRP advise that works are to be completed by October 2019.


Department of Transport (VicRoads) are currently in the process of designing new pedestrian operated signals across Buckley Street possibly in the vicinity of Violet Street. New signals will provide a safe crossing point across Buckley Street.