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News for kids – go on an adventure to get to school

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As you head back to classroom use our map to take an adventure to get to school.

Spotted one of these near your school or home?

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These stickers on the footpath are part of a trail that will lead you on a special expedition through your neighbourhood.

You can walk, ride your bike or scooter.

Like all good journeys, you’ll need a map.

Ask your mum, dad, grandparents or an older sibling to help you find your school on our interactive map.

Find the first spot on the footpath and go! If you follow them all the way, they’ll show you a direct, safe and fun way to get to school. Make sure you have a parent or guardian with you before you start.

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If you live a bit too far from school or your learning from home, don’t worry, you can still take part. Spot a sticker at a crossing or send in a picture of you getting active during your lunch break or after school.

For those back in the classroom, we’ve mapped out good spots where the car can be parked and you can walk the rest of the way.

Walking school buses get their own map (although they’re not running right now) and if you slept in and are running late the drop off zones are marked too.

Find out more on our schools page.

Tell your mum, dad or grandparents to visit our facebook page to enter our walk to school photo competition. Terms and conditions here.