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One of the things we’ve learned in 2020 is flexibility. The old ways do not necessarily apply.

People across Moonee Valley are enjoying the increase in footpath trading, making the most of space we usually take for granted.

We’re fast tracking approvals for businesses to move tables onto footpaths so they can welcome more customers.

In the past month we have renewed 50 permits for businesses that already had footpath trading, but we have also approved 36 permits for new applicants.

Eight requests for extension of footpath trading into areas outside neighbouring properties have also been approved.

Vivianne Hadla has run a business in Niddrie for 22 years. For most of that time she operated a milk bar, but several years ago she revamped into the Hoffmans Road Milk Bar Café.

This year she has made a new innovation, expanding to footpath trade. “People tell me they are really happy to sit down in the area outside the café and eat one of our famous schnitzel sandwiches,” Vivianne said.

“We have tradies who love the ham and double cheese jumbo sandwiches, and instead of eating them in their vehicles they can relax in our new footpath space.

“Footpath trading has been a good thing for us, and I think most people are just really happy to be out and about again.”

As our local businesses reactivate, we want to help them welcome patrons to outdoor spaces. Apart from supporting footpath trading, there is the Summer Parklets program, plus repurposing of laneways and plans for temporary street closures.

There are also streetscape improvements to make our precincts more enjoyable places to be. Keep an eye out for new lighting, greening, free wi-fi installation and murals.

Read about more of the ways we are supporting the road to recovery here, and everything you need to know about applying for a footpath trading permit here