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Footpath trading permit

Footpath trading permit

Trading Permit

If you are operating a business within Moonee Valley and wish to place items on the footpath, you may be required to obtain a Footpath Trading Permit.

Footpath trading permits are required for:

  • street activation ( umbrellas, pot and planter boxes)
  • display of goods ( fruit and veg, flowers)
  • advertising
  • outdoor dining

The Footpath Trading Policy is designed to balance the needs of both pedestrians and businesses.  It aims to improve access and safety for shoppers, people with disability, and people with prams, while at the same time assisting businesses and enhancing the vibrancy of our popular shopping strips.

Application Process

Step 1 – If you are unsure if you require a permit, complete the Business Permit Checklist

Step 2 – Read our Footpath Trading Policy 2018

Step 3 – Complete and submit your application below attaching a copy of your Public Liability Insurance Certificate (for $20 million)

Step 4 – Your application will be assessed by our City Compliance team and any other relevant departments within Council

Step 5 – An inspection may be conducted if required

Step 6 – You will receive email confirmation of your permit approval with request for payment

Step 7 – Once paid, you will receive your Footpath Trading Permit sticker in the mail


NOTE: If you are applying for fixed glass café screens, upon your application being approved you will also need to apply for a Minor Works Consent permit

2022/2023 Fees

Public Art Free
Umbrellas Free
Outdoor Heater Free
Café Screens* Free
Street Activation ( pots and planter boxes) Free
Restricted Display of Goods ( Fruit and Veg or Plant and Flowers) $603.50
Advertising Signs and other small structures $213.50

*note: that if you are applying for fixed café screens, a fee will apply to your minor works application which is required prior to the implementation of any fixed screens.

Outdoor Dining

Storage frontage 0-3.99m $437
Store Frontage 4-4.99m $546
Store Frontage 5-5.99m $655.50
Store Frontage 6-6.99m $764.50
Store frontage 7m or more $983
Store frontage Dual frontage $983
Partial use of store frontage** Determined upon assessment of application

**Where an area is interrupted by public infrastructure or where Council agrees to an area being used in a reduced capacity.

How to appeal a Local Laws Infringement

If you are issued with an infringement for an alleged breach of Council’s Activities and General Amenities Local Law 2018, you can apply to have the matter reviewed.

Under the Infringements Act 2006, each matter can only be reviewed once but you also have the right to have the matter heard before a Magistrate.

To apply for internal review, please complete and submit an online application.

Need more information?

Visit our Local Laws page for:

Visit the Business page on our website for further information and to get in touch with our friendly Small Business Engagement Officer.