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Footpath trading permit

Footpath trading permit

If you are operating a business within Moonee Valley and wish to place items on the Footpath, you may be required to obtain a Footpath Trading Permit.

Footpath trading permits are required for:

  • street activation ( umbrellas, pot and planter boxes)
  • display of goods ( fruit and veg, flowers)
  • advertising
  • outdoor dining

The Footpath Trading Policy is designed to balance the needs of both pedestrians and businesses. it aims to improve access and safety for shoppers, people with disability, and people with prams, while at the same time assisting businesses and enhancing the vibrancy of our popular shopping strips.

Footpath Trading Policy 2018

The main changes from the 2015 policy are around the provision of street markers, charity collectors, and the calculation of fees in order to make footpath trading more accessible and fairer to all traders.See the Footpath Trading Policy 2018 (pdf, 264KB).

For more information, contact our Council on 9243 8888.

Apply for a Permit

Whether you are a new or established business and want to apply for a Footpath Trading Permit you will need to complete a small business application form.

The single application form has been developed to assist business owners in applying for one or more permits from Council. If you would like any information or assistance in setting up your small business, you can contact our Economic Development unit on 9243 8866 or email business@mvcc.vic.gov.au

If you only need one permit ( Footpath Trading) and don’t feel like you need the support of our Small Business Engagement Officer, you can contact Council’s City Compliance team on 9243 8888.

2019/2020 Footpath Trading Fees are as follows;

Public Art Free
Umbrellas Free
Outdoor Heater Free
Café Screens* Free
Street Activation ( pots and planter boxes) Free
Restricted Display of Goods ( Fruit and Veg or Plant and Flowers) $550
Advertising Signs and other small structures $195

*note: that if you are applying for fixed café screens, a fee will apply to your minor works application which is required prior to the implementation of any fixed screens.

Please also note that as part of the new Footpath Trading Policy 2018 Council has altered the Fee Structure associated with Outdoor Dining (placement of Tables and Chairs). The Fee will be based on the measurement of the frontage of your business,

Storage frontage 0-3.99m $400
Store Frontage 4-4.99m $500
Store Frontage 5-5.99m $600
Store Frontage 6-6.99m $700
Store Frontage 7-7.99M $800
Store Frontage with 8m or more $900 ( maximum fee)
Dual store frontage on same property – totalling 8 metres or more $900 (maximum fee)
Partial use of store frontage** Determined upon assessment of application

**Where an area is interrupted by public infrastructure or where Council agrees to an area being used in a reduced capacity.