What you need to know

Health permit

Health permit

All health related services e.g. hairdressing, beauty treatments, tattooing or skin piercing must be registered under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008.

Personal care and body art

Businesses who operate low or high risk activities/services must follow:

Low risk activities
Makeup – Application of cosmetics that does not involve skin penetration or tattooing (including eye lash extensions)
 High risk activities
Manicures, pedicures, other nail treatments
Facials or body treatments
Foot spa treatments
Body piercing or other skin penetration procedures
Hair removal (eg. electrolysis, IPL, laser, wax, threading)
Ear piercing
Tattooing/removal (permanent and semi-permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing)
Dry needling
Colonic irrigation


Any business running a prescribed accommodation premises, must follow the:

Accommodation businesses
Residential accommodation
Student dormitory
Holiday camps
Rooming house with temporary or shared accommodation

Opening a new business?

You need to complete and submit a small business application form.

For opening a new business to ensure compliance with legislative requirements we ask that you also prepare some floor plans/drawings for your premises. Refer to the following guidelines for assistance.

Personal Care and Body Art

Prescribed Accommodation

  • Provide a floor plan of property

Your application will be assigned to a Health Officer who will liaise with you throughout the process until you are ready to open.

Please allow 21 days from receipt of your documentation for your plans to be assessed.

Transferring or buying an existing business?

As the new owner/purchaser, you need to complete and submit a small business application form to transfer the business into your name. It is a legal requirement that the transfer of registration must have both the new and existing owners signatures. Please ensure that these details are completed before submitting.

To assist you with transferring your business, you may request a Condition of Premise Inspection report (pdf, 384KB) to make sure you are aware of any outstanding orders or structural requirements placed ion the business before settlement.

An inspection will be conducted by a Health Officer.

Allow 14 Days from receipt of your documentation for your inspection to be undertaken and report sent.

Fees and charges

Public Health and Wellbeing Act Fee
Initial Registration (January – March) $352
Initial Registration Pro Rata (April – June) $292
Initial Registration Pro Rata (July – September) $231
Initial Registration Pro Rata (October – December) $171
Hairdressers/Barbers only – one off fee not transferrable $352
Renewal $242
Prescribed Accommodation
Application to submit plans $111
Initial registration (1-5 persons) $279
Registration for each additional person over 5 $27.50
Registration maximum fee (accommodating 15 or more persons) $554
Other fees
Request for condition of premises report $237
Transfer of registration $121
Application and approval for grey water treatment system $268