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Ready to go on the road to recovery – find out how we’re moving Moonee Valley towards a COVID normal

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There were grins on faces across the city as it was announced that we have moved from Second to Third Step restrictions. People celebrated with donuts, midnight shopping trips and long lists of things they plan to do in ‘COVID normal’ times.

As the recovery phase begins, we are doing what we have done throughout the pandemic: supporting our community and local businesses. Take a look at our Covid Recovery page for a comprehensive list of ways we are helping #RallyMooneeValley including:

Alfresco dining

There is a lot of excitement about the opportunity to have a meal or a glass of wine at one of our much-loved eateries. The ‘COVID normal’ twist is that this hospitality experience might occur outdoors.

We are supporting a range of innovative dining options, making use of footpaths, activated laneways and temporary street closures. Your favourite café, bar or restaurant – but alfresco!

One of the coolest innovations for our streetscapes is the Summer Parklets program. Check our interactive map to see where these funky and functional pop-up spaces are going to be located, spend some time there and explore the local retail options.

Helping shopping strips look their best

You might also notice some of the streetscape upgrades that we have been working on over the year. Plan a trip to Pin Oak Crescent in Flemington, which is looking fantastic, and keep an eye out elsewhere for new planters, landscaping, murals, lights and temporary parks.

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Getting outdoors and getting active

Springtime is exercise time for a lot of us. Moonee Valley’s personal trainers, coaches, yoga and Pilates teachers will be running sessions in our parks, so there has never been a better time to get active outdoors.

We’ve also upgraded some of our sports fields so our local sporting clubs are ready to get back in the game.

Libraries in the park

We’re moving some fabulous library programs outside to our parks and made Contactless Collection happen across our five libraries.

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Local jobs for local people

Through the State Government’s Working for Victoria scheme, we’re recruiting for more than 60 positions that’ll help Moonee Valley recover, and bring jobs to our City.

We can’t wait to take the next positive steps together. Read our wrap up of all the ways in which we are supporting our community here.