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Winning Climate Stories revealed!

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Earlier this year we put the call out to our community to share their personal experiences with climate change, by submitting an entry into our Climate Stories Competition.  We’re now excited to announce our three winning tales!

Inspiration for the stories included living through extreme weather events, adapting lifestyles, changing habits, and reminiscing about lost environments. By sharing these experiences through storytelling, we can gain a deeper understanding about how climate change is impacting our community and how we can adapt.

Entries were submitted under three age categories with prizes for each category winner. We’re excited to announce that the winning stories are:

Primary School (up to 12 years of age)

Winner: Luke Lovell – “The Smoke From 2020”

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Secondary Youth (13 – 18 years of age)

Winner: Tiana Ciavarella – “Tiana’s climate story”

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Adults (19+ years of age)

Winner: ACspecials  – “A climate strategy”

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Congratulations to the winning authors and all community members who submitted their entries into the competition! All the submissions were detailed personal accounts of climate change, with emotions ranging from despair to hope, from loss to resolve. This descriptive storytelling helps us make an emotional connection to climate change, which in turn is proven to motivate further action.

Entries closed on Monday 18 October 2021. Visit our climate action page for more information.