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Spoonville: your ultimate how-to guide

Airport West Spoonville

Spoonville has well and truly taken over Moonee Valley, with over 25 different villages popping up over the last few months.

From monsters to men, brides to bears, Princes and Princesses – we’ve seen it all and loved seeing your wild creations come to life.

With Halloween just around the corner, we know you might be thinking about creating your own Spooky Valley Spoonville near your house or in your local park.

To help you start your Spooky Spoonville, we’ve put together the ultimate how-to guide!

Following this guide will ensure your Spoonville remains safe, is easy to visit and will stand the test of time.

  • Don’t get lost in the grass
    • When finding the perfect Spoonville location, don’t let it get lost in the grass! When scouting locations, look for an unplanted mulched area or garden bed. This will help your Spoonville avoid falling victim to lawn mowers and foot traffic.
  • Keep Spoonville front and centre
    • Build your Spoonville in front of obstructions, ensuring people won’t need to step on or over plants or gardens to visit. Make sure your new village is easy to see from a distance.
  • Watch out for cars 👀
    • Road safety is important for you, your spoons and future visitors. When finding a location for Spoonville make sure you keep it at least three metres away from roads and car parks, and one meter from shared pathways.
  • Let people know where to find Spoonville
    • Make a sign so your Spoonville stands out and let visitors know how they can safely contribute to your village.

Remember to tag us on Instagram if you create your own Spoonville so we can check it out!