What you need to know

Received a VEC Failure to Vote fine? Here’s what to do.

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The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) is issuing infringements regarding the 2020 Local Government Elections this week. 

Infringement notices are being sent to people who didn’t vote in the 2020 local council elections and either haven’t responded to their Apparent Failure to Vote Notice (sent earlier this year) or did not provide a sufficient reason for not voting.

The penalty imposed is $83.00 and the deadline for payment is 14 May 2021.

This is not a Council fine. We are unable to accept any payment on behalf of the VEC and we cannot record or make note of your reasons for not voting.

I received an infringement notice. Now what?

If you receive an infringement notice in the mail, you must respond within 35 days.

What are my options?

Instructions on how to pay are included on the Infringement Notice.

Why are the VEC fining me?

In Australia, if you are enrolled to vote, you must vote in all Federal, State and council elections. If you do not vote, you may get a fine. The 2020 local government elections for Moonee Valley City Council were held in October 2020. 

Got a question, or still not sure what to do? 

If you are unsure about your options, want help checking your enrolment or you need more information call the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) on: 1300 551 575

To view the video in your language, visit: VEC: 2020 local council in-language videos

For access to a translator visit: VEC: Information in your language