What you need to know

Walk to School. Are you up for the challenge?


Throughout October, roads throughout the area will come alive with thousands of local students taking up the Walk to School Challenge.

VicHealth’s Walk to School Month encourages children to walk, ride or scoot to and from school during October and reap the benefits of healthy habits.

The Walk to School Month is an essential part of the school calendar and benefits the whole community.

The Walk to School Challenge helps to reduce traffic congestion, and pollution from cars, saves on parking and encourages kids and their families to connect with their local neighbourhood.

Throughout Moonee Valley, more than 4,400 students from 17 primary schools walked, cycled or scooted 59,100 kilometres to and from school in October last year.

St Vincent’s Primary in Strathmore had 360 students and won the 2018 Walk to School challenge with almost half the school taking part.

It is quite impressive, and we hope to see more kids and families take part in the Walk to School Challenge.

In the past, children have participated in the Walk to School Challenge, and quite often they made connections with friends along the way, and arrive at school full of energy.

This is a great way for kids to get healthy and encourage greater interaction with their peers.

In the end, the school with the highest participation rate will win an all school incursion. Schools taking part for the first time have the chance to win an Active Path which uses footpath decals to guide students along safe and easy routes to school.

How to register:

Talk to your school, email, or call the Transport team on 9243 8888 to get started.

For more information please visit our website.