What you need to know

Weekend works at Newmarket Station

Metro has advised Council and the community it will be undertaking necessary tree pruning works around Newmarket Station this coming weekend.

It will involve pruning dead branches and material from the river red gum and peppercorn trees, predominantly on the Newmarket side. The immediate need for pruning was recognised following a discussion between Council’s arborist and the independent arborist engaged by Metro.

The tree pruning is necessary to prevent the trees from dropping branches and to support their strength and sustainability. Pruning will be limited to that which is required to make the trees and immediate environment safe. The canopies and overall shape of the trees will be retained. No trees are being removed.

Work will be undertaken by qualified arborists under the guidance of an independent consultant arborist, and Council’s arborist will be on site.

The trimming of trees to make areas safe, undertaken under the Rail Management Act 1996, does not require a planning permit.

Temporary fencing around public open space areas in the vicinity of the trees is required for the pruning to take place. This will be removed at the completion of the pruning works.

Metro has advised there will be signs outlining the scope of activities on-site.

For more information members of the community are encouraged to contact Metro Trains or visit ptv.vic.gov.au or call 1800 800 007.