What you need to know

Woody Woodpecker has flown into Victoria bringing a bit of Hollywood to Moonee Valley!

Woody Woodpecker filming Moonee Valley

The beloved Woody Woodpecker sequel is being filmed around Victoria and even making an appearance locally!

The film is supported and funded by the Victorian and Federal Governments, creating opportunities, employment and giving our entertainment industry a much-needed boost.

This Thursday 9 December or Friday 10 December between 12:00pm and 10:00pm depending on the weather, WWP Productions will use the Riverside Golf and Sports Centre climbing wall located on Newsom street in Ascot Vale and The Fairbairn Park Pavilion as a filming location.

You might notice an increase in traffic around this area as support and service trucks park around the golf course and clubhouses. These vehicles will be parked within the golf course car park, within the grounds of the Riverside Golf Course and when at Fairbairn Park, along Woods Street. The crew will need to park essential equipment vehicles and machines along the bike path near the climbing wall. They ask residents where possible to park in surrounding streets.

Pedestrian and bike traffic by the Riverside Golf and Sports Centre climbing wall will also be slightly disrupted. Pedestrian management will safely guide cyclists and walkers around the filming zone and service vehicles.

After a tough lockdown for the arts and our creative industries, this production is injecting over $11 million directly into the Victorian economy while providing jobs for our skilled screen practitioners, training opportunities for the next generation and stimulus for local businesses across the state.