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When Kornelija Velickovic started her business, KikiKovic, she knew exactly what she wanted it to stand for.

“Local, hand-made, eco-friendly – that’s what I’m passionate about,” she said.

KikiKovic’s first line was plant-based vegan reusable food wraps. Now Kornelija has expanded her wares to include handmade soaps and a ceramics range. All of the products are lovingly made by Kornelija. The stylish presentation reflects her background as a visual artist.

Kikikovic Kornelija and productsThe motto for her Avondale Heights-based business is ‘Living the change’. She believes that plastic is not only detrimental to our health, but also the health of the planet and the other animals we share it with.

“It is about creating awareness of our environment, our practices in the home, what we put into our bodies, all the things that we use,” Kornelija said.

Kornelija moved to Avondale Heights 20 years ago and helped start the local community garden. Her motivation for that was an interest in stronger community connections, living sustainably and a love of sharing fresh produce.

Those same ethics underpin KiiKovic, an enterprise that uses ethically sourced plant-based materials, has a small footprint and creates things of lasting value. Kornelija sells wholesale to retailers, as well as online through her website.

“I live a privileged life, doing what I love in a suburb of great beauty,” she said. “When we went through the massive shutdown in 2020 I experienced people looking after each other, and it was a very positive thing during a negative time.

“For example, I couldn’t get hold of vegetable seeds but my mates from the community garden helped me out. We grew them, there was an abundance, and we were able to give a lot of veges away.

“I think that’s what community and looking after the planet really means, and I believe people are starting to purchase goods using that sort of awareness.”