What you need to know


What you’ll find on this page is a listing of all of our portals and what each can be used for. Over time this space will change considerably as we merge all our portals into one simple system - the My Council Portal.

Stay tuned for what is to come!


My Council Portal

Our new portal where you can raise a request for service from Council.

Raise requests for anything from:

  • a street tree needing a trim
  • a pothole
  • dumped rubbish
  • graffiti and more!
icon mycouncil


Our original portal where you can lodge an application or pay an infringement.

Our portal for:

  • planning applications and inquiries
  • building applications
  • pool and spa registrations
  • animal registrations and more!

MVCC website

We love hearing from our community, and we want to make you apart of our voice.

This account allows you to submit:

  • a news article
  • events and programs 
  • a new entry to our new business directory