Registering your pet

Pets & Animals

All cats and dogs over the age of three months must be microchipped and registered with Council.

Animal registrations must be renewed every year and renewal fees are due 10 April.

If your dog or cat moves out of Moonee Valley or sadly passes away, you may be eligible for a refund.

Registering for the first time

You can register your animal online.

You will be taken through the following steps to complete your online application.

After paying the registration fees, you will be sent a tag that you must attach to your pet’s collar.

You cannot register your cat or dog unless it is microchipped.

Please note that there is currently a delay in posting animal registration tags. Your tag will be posted to your nominated address as soon as possible.

2022/23 Animal Registration Fees

Please note that a coding error has been detected with the Post Bill Pay payment option for 2022/23 animal registration renewals.
At this time, you are unable to use this renewal notice to make payment at the Post Office, although all other payment options are working correctly. Should residents wish to make payment via the Post Office, you will need to wait for the reminder notice to be sent to you. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

To pay your pet registration reminders, see our payment options page.

You can also download and complete a hardcopy 2022-23 registration form (pdf, 510KB)

Full fee (microchipped, not desexed, under 10 years old) $135.50 $67.50
Microchipped and desexed $44.50 $22
Over 10 years $38.50 $19.50
Declared dangerous dogs or menacing dogs or restricted breed dogs $219.50 $219.50
Commercial guard dog (declared dangerous) $136.50 $136.50
Service dogs (guide, customs, police dogs) No charge No charge
Victorian Canine Association Member $44.50 $22
Full fee (microchipped, not desexed, under 10 years old) $108 $54
Microchipped and desexed $28 $13.80
Over 10 years $26 $12.50

Dog obedience

Check out some of our local dog obedience clubs.

Change of ownership

If ownership of a pet changes, you need to let us know.

Once the ownership has changed, if the pet still lives in Moonee Valley, we'll transfer the registration to the new owner. If it no longer lives in Moonee Valley, the new owner will need to notify the Council for the area.

Desexing voucher scheme

Council offers vouchers to residents in certain circumstances. These vouchers give a reduced fee to the owner for desexing.

We recommend you contact your vet to see if you are eligible for a voucher. If you are, you can collect a voucher from Council.

Refer to the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) de-sexing voucher scheme brochure (pdf, 139KB) for more information.

How many animals can I have?

Limits on how many animals you can keep protect your pets' health and minimise inconvenience for neighbours.

If you want to keep more animals than listed, you will need to submit an Extra Animals Permit Application online. Permits expire 10 April annually and the fee for the 22/23 registration year is $39.40.

Poultry (excluding roosters) 0 6
Caged birds 5 15
Roosters 0 0
Dogs 1 2
Cats 1 2
Rabbits 1 5
Rodents 2 6
Reptiles 5 5
Racing pigeons 0 40
Farm animals 0 Only permitted by permit where there is 2,000m2 of open land per animal
Any other animals 0 0

Owning dogs

Taking your dogs off your property

Dogs are never allowed within 15 metres of a playground, barbecue or exercise equipment. You must pick up after your dog and should carry bags with you at all times.

They must be under effective control, even if they are on lead. This means the dog returns when called, can be seen if off-lead, is secure when on a lead, and does not bother or attack any person or animal.

All dogs must be walked on a leash when outside their property unless they are in one of Council’s off-leash parks:

  • Aberfeldie Park, The Boulevard, Aberfeldie
  • JH Allan Reserve, Park Drive, East Keilor
  • Boeing Reserve (northern end only), Boeing Road, Strathmore Heights
  • Cross Keys Reserve (eastern end only), Bridge Street, Essendon
  • AJ Davis Reserve, Fullarton Street, Airport West
  • Fairbairn Park, Woods Street, Ascot Vale
  • Spring Gully Reserve, Keilor Road, East Keilor
  • Thompson Street Reserve, Thompson Street, Avondale Heights
  • Travancore Park, Mooltan Street, Flemington

Restricted breeds

There are five specific breeds of dogs known as restricted breeds:

  • American Pit Bull Terrier (or Pit Bull Terrier)
  • Fila Brasileiro
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Perro de Presa Canario (or Presa Canario)

They may not have attacked a person or animal or displayed signs of aggression, but they are considered a higher risk to community safety than other breeds of dogs. You can call us on 9243 8888 if you have any concerns with restricted breed dogs.

Declared dangerous dogs

Dogs are declared to be dangerous if they have previously attacked, are kept to guard an industrial property, or have been trained to attack. There are strict rules on the housing, exercising and ownership of these dogs.

Animal issues

Barking dogs

If your neighbour's dog is barking excessively:

  • try talking to them about a solution. They may not know there is a problem as the dog might only bark when they are not home.
  • after a few weeks, see if there have been any changes
  • if you are unable to resolve the issue directly with your neighbour, you can lodge a complaint with us.

To lodge a complaint:

    • complete a Barking Dog Log (pdf, 190KB) of the times and duration of the barking. The log needs to be maintained for 14 days so that we can investigate the complaint. You need to send it to us within seven days of completion.
    • provide your name and address
    • provide the address where the dog lives
    • note the effect the barking has on your wellbeing.
    • lodge your complaint online with us here, or
    • Send these details to Moonee Valley Council, PO Box 126 Moonee Ponds Vic 3039 or email

Dog attacks

Dog attacks, on people or other pets, are serious. If you own a dog that rushes at, chases or bites someone who is either outside your property or trying to access your front door, you may be liable for damages and you could be charged with offences relating to the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

Reporting a dog attack

To report a dog attack click here or call us on 9243 8888 as soon as possible after the attack.

Tell us:

  • Where it happened
  • Time and date of the incident
  • If known, the name of the dog owner
  • Description of the dog
  • Any additional details describing what happened


Prowling cats

If you are having issues with a cat entering your property, you can hire a Cat Cage (free of charge) from us, call our friendly Customer Service team on 9243 8888 to find out more. Trapping must be done in line with Council’s Cat Cage Hire Agreement.

Cat curfew

We support a cat curfew in Moonee Valley, which means all cats should, at the very least, be kept inside your property between sunset and sunrise. However it's safer for them and our wildlife if they stay inside at all times.

If your pet is missing

If we find a lost a pet, we take them to:

The Lost Dogs Home
2 Gracie Street, North Melbourne
9329 2755

If you have found a pet

Domestic Animal Business

Domestic animal businesses include;

Pet shops
Animal shelters and pounds
Breeding establishments
Any premises where boarding occurs
Dog training establishments

If you wish to register as a Domestic Animal Business with Council, you will need to submit an online application.

Permits expire 10 April annually. The fee for the 22/23 registration year is $242.50

Need more info about animal registration? No worries.

Submit an online enquiry here via our new MyCouncil portal and our customer service team will be able to help.