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Waste & Recycling

Together we can make a difference

Reducing waste is the responsibility of everyone. Find out how you can help, as well as import info such as when your bin is collected, what goes in what bin, and learn more about our at-call hard waste collection service and Transfer Station.


Learn where your rates are going

Did you know your rates help us deliver more than 200 services to our community? Learn more about your rates, how they are calculated and how to pay.

Pets & Animals

Furry, fluffy or feathered

Bet you didn't know you could keep up to 40 racing pigeons on a large property in Moonee Valley. There's plenty more quirky animal facts where that came from, as well as details on registering your pets, barking dogs, dog attacks, prowling cats and missing pets.

Living sustainably

See the simple changes you can make

Want to live more sustainably but don't know where to start? Check out our tips on reducing plastic at home, water saving tips, what to do with your garden and food waste, and saving energy.

The A-Z's of recycling

It's as easy as ABC

Not sure the best way to dispose of something? Check out our handy A-Z guide to recycling.