What you need to know

A-Z Recycling Guide

Let's Recycle Right

Top Tips:

  • Never put recyclables in plastic bags in your yellow recycling bin.
  • Empty and clean recyclables first.
  • To recycle hard/rigid plastics check the resin code number at the bottom of the bottle/tray. Only codes 1, 2 & 5 can be recycled through your yellow recycling bin.
  • Materials labelled with plastic/resin codes 3, 4, 6 & 7 should be put in your red landfill bin.
  • e-waste means waste in the form of electrical or electronic equipment, devices or things (or materials or parts of such equipment, devices or things), the operation of which is dependent on, or designed for the generation, transfer or measurement of, an electric current or electromagnetic field.
  • Always wrap broken material (such as glass, ceramics, pyrex, etc) in paper before putting in your Red landfill bin or bringing to the Transfer Station. These must be labelled if brought to the Transfer Station.


Use our A- Z recycling guide to learn how to dispose of your item correctly.