What you need to know

My Development

Planning to sub-divide or build a multi level building? Well find out everything you need right here.

Building permits

Planning on renovating or extending? Stop here first.

Do you need a building permit? You're probably not sure. So we're here to help. Click through to find out everything you need to know about building, renovating, extending and demolishing.

Planning applications, permits and enforcement

We got you!

Planning applications can be confusing, but don't worry, we got you! Click through to find out about how to apply, fees, the status of your application and how to amend your application.

Sustainable development

Do your part for the environment

Did you know there's loads you can do to make sure your development is environmentally sustainable? Find out more about sustainable design assessment in the planning process, water sensitive urban design and our environmentally sustainable development toolkit.

Development Contribution Plan

Do your part for the environment

The DCP is a municipal wide control that applies to all new developments proposing to increase the number of dwellings and/or increase leasable commercial, retail or industrial floor area

Footpaths, road & drain permits

Doing works? Find out what permits you might need

Sometimes building works can affect and potentially damage our footpaths, roads and/or drains. Check out all the permits you may need if your works will impact our footpaths, roads and drains.


Preserving our history

We plan an important role in conserving the heritage of our city by protecting and managing heritage places. Learn more about our heritage studies, heritage overlays and our Heritage Strategy.


Standard drawings

Constructing in our road reserves?

Anything constructed in our road reserve must be constructed following the approved Standard Drawings. Find out more!