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Activity Centres

The State Government requires activity centres to operate as vibrant hubs containing a mix of residential dwellings, shops, services and public transport and play a role in housing Melbourne’s growing population.

Moonee Valley has six major activity centres identified in Plan Melbourne:

  • Airport West
  • Moonee Ponds
  • Niddrie-Keilor Road
  • North Essendon
  • Racecourse Road
  • Union Road.

Our role is to develop a long-term plan for these centres to ensure that:

  • growth is managed appropriately
  • new locations for community facilities are identified
  • transport infrastructure improvements are coordinated
  • there is a clear advocacy plan for State Government projects.

To help us do this, we’ve developed structure plans for Airport West, Essendon Junction (PDF, 9.9MB), Keilor Road (PDF, 2.9MB), Moonee Ponds (PDF, 20.4MB), and North Essendon (PDF, 2.8MB).

Structure plans map out a long-term direction of how our activity centres should grow and develop. Work is underway to align these plans with MV2040. Our first piece of work is for Moonee Ponds.

Moonee Ponds Activity Centre Local Plan

The MPAC to 2040 – Moonee Ponds Activity Centre Local Plan (Local Plan) supports the directions of MV2040 and outlines a vision for the activity that is easy to move around, the environment is resilient, the place is full of life and the valued heritage character is protected.

Amendment C207moon proposes to implement the Local Plan and associated background documents to ensure it aligns with our vision for MPAC. This includes a suite of mandatory and discretionary planning controls to provide greater clarity regarding development outcomes in the activity centre.

For further information, visit MPAC Your Say page.

Panel Hearing

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Directions Hearing and Main Hearing for the Amendment were held by video conference.

The Panel Report is now available to view. A report will be presented to Council in the coming months to consider the panel recommendations.

Niddrie-Keilor Road Activity Centre

Niddrie-Keilor Road streetscape upgrade

Council has a plan to beautify, green and upgrade the pedestrian realm in Keilor Road’s Niddrie business area. The Keilor Road Streetscape Plan focuses on the public pedestrian area in Keilor Road, from Elstone Court to Graves Street. It includes a pedestrian oriented streetscape design to support the creation of a vibrant and attractive business area that forms one of the anchors of the healthy, walkable and lively neighbourhood.

In 2019 and again mid-2020, Council collected ideas from the community about how the business area might look and feel in the future along with thoughts on the Draft Streetscape Plan. The findings from the both community consultation have informed the Final Keilor Road Streetscape Plan that was endorsed in September 2020.

The Streetscape Plan includes a range of improvements to ensure the area is vibrant, pedestrian friendly and supports an active business area for Niddrie. Some of the improvements include:

  • Increased tree canopy cover and greening
  • Increased garden planting
  • Upgraded footpath and pedestrian crossing
  • Upgraded street furniture

Funding for construction is contingent on annual budgets. The project team is currently preparing design documentation for construction to commence in financial year 22/23 however this will not be confirmed until the budget for that year is adopted in June 2022.

Racecourse Road Activity Centre

Racecourse Road and Pin Oak Crescent Streetscape and Activation Plan Report

The Racecourse Road and Pin Oak Crescent Streetscape and Activation Plan Report, prepared by consultants ACLA landscape architects and Chatterbox Projects, was adopted by Council in February 2016.

It will be used to inform future landscape capital works projects and ongoing street-based activation programs and projects. This includes future capital works, street furniture upgrades, public art projects and programs, events and other activities. View the report (pdf, 20.5MB).

Pin Oak Crescent streetscape upgrade

Update: 17/12/2020

Construction works have now been completed and open for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for your patience and understanding.