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Application for Drainage Inspection permit

We require an inspection of any: connection to a drain or drainage system easement or asset vested in or under our control works undertaken within an easement You must also complete a Drainage Inspection online application before beginning any of these activities. If the works are to be carried out in the road and/or nature strip, a Works within a Municipal Road…

Application for Legal Point of Discharge

When undertaking new building works, a legal point of discharge for the stormwater run-off will be required. For multi-unit developments the developer may be required to connect to an existing drain, construct a new drain or provide an on site detention system. Some extensions to an existing building may be connected into the existing stormwater…

Application for Stormwater Asset details

If you require information about council stormwater drain, pit or easement details for a development. Please note: depending on location, drainage details are not always available or reliable. Council Stormwater Asset details (multi unit/commercial) Council Stormwater Asset details (single residential) Fees Stormwater Asset field inspection cost – $500Council Stormwater Easement details cost (multi unit/commercial) – $250Council…

Asset protection permit

The majority of building works require materials to be moved to and from the property. We have found that this has the potential to damage our assets around the building site including footpaths, nature strips, kerb and channels, trees, signs, stormwater drainage facilities, laneways and the road pavement. You need to obtain an Asset Protection Permit to…

Build over Easement permit

Application for consent to build over Council’s Easement Building over an easement requires approval from us and/or City West Water. Applications for habitable rooms (e.g. bedroom, lounge room) to be constructed over an easement are not permitted. Property owners wanting to build over an easement must provide the following with their application: Plans of the proposed…

Building permit

Are you doing any form of building work?

Community event permits

If you are looking to host an event on Council managed land, you may require a permit. An event permit may be required if your event: involves more than 100 people involves temporary structures (e.g. marquees, stages, lighting)* is a fair or festival • involves the sale of food or drin requires road closures or…

COVID-19 planning exemptions

The Victorian Government has introduced exemptions to the Victorian Planning Scheme Clause 52.18 (State of emergency and recovery exemptions) to support the hospitality sector utilise outdoor dining as part of the response to COVID-19. What does this change mean for hospitality businesses? This change means that existing hospitality businesses may be able to expand outdoor…

Demolition permit

Part 1 If you are looking to demolish you may need to make a request under Section 29A of the Building Act 1993 and Building Regulations 2018 for report and consent to demolish. It is important to note that Section 29A demolition consent is a separate approval process to a planning or building permit. How…

Drainage requirements for developments

Stormwater and design requirements We have a stormwater drainage policy to control: the manner in which proposed developments discharge their stormwater runoff unnecessary surface flows overburdening of existing infrastructures Assessment of engineering design plans and calculations by Council is only necessary if specifically requested by us through a development’s Legal Point of Discharge, Planning Permit Conditions or…

Food permit

Do you intend to sell food or drink on the premises of your business?

Footpath trading permit

Are you planning on placing chairs and tables, an A-frame sign or display of goods (e.g. fruit stand) on the footpath?

Liquor licence

Do you plan to sell alcoholic drinks on your premises?

Out of hours construction work permit

With the exceptions of emergencies or planning permits, construction works can only be carried out between the hours of: 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday 9am and 3pm on Saturday No works on Sundays or public holidays   You must have an Out of Hours Permit to conduct construction works outside of the permitted hours outlined…

Park Access

Can I obtain a key to a park to access my property? From time to time, we receive enquiries from residents wanting to access their private property for construction or maintenance work via a Council managed park, garden or utility corridor. While we appreciate residents may want to access the rear of their property in this way, we are…

Personal Care and Body Art Premises

For businesses such as Beauty therapy, Colonic irrigation, Hairdressing, Makeup and Skin penetration.

Physical Activity permit

As we prepare for the possible easing of restrictions to allow outdoor physical activity with more clients, we want Moonee Valley’s personal trainers, coaches, yoga and Pilates teachers, and all other physical activity practitioners, to get active outdoors and find their own place in our parks. Moonee Valley is committed to supporting local businesses as…

Planning permit

Are you changing the business type from its current form?
Are you changing the trading hours of the business?
Are you applying for or altering a liquor licence?
Are you adding or changing signage on the front of a building?
Are you looking to paint a heritage listed building?
Do you have a car park or are you seeking a reduction in car parking?

Prescribed Accommodation

For businesses such as Holiday camps, Hostel, Motel/hotel, Residential Accommodation, Rooming house with temporary or shared accommodation and Student dormitory.

Private events in parks and reserves

Please note that all event permits will only be valid if the proposed activities are in line with current State Government restrictions in relation to COVID-19. Event organisers must ensure that you and your guests adhere to all requirements as outlined at https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus   You will be required to submit an event permit application if…

Road Occupancy Permit

Applying for a Road Occupancy Permit You must obtain a Road Occupancy permit before occupying any surface on the road reserve including footpath, nature strip, channel, kerbing and road pavement. Occupancies also include parking over dimensional vehicles for over an hour and the use of cranes. To pay for the application by credit card, please complete and submit…

Temporary road closure or street party

You must obtain a temporary road closure permit for the closure of any part of the road streetfor special events such as: fun runs street parties community events There will be no fee for the above events. Applicants must state the following: Date, time, duration and location of the event Purpose of the closure Length…

Vehicle crossings

A vehicle crossing provides access to your property from the front property line to the road’s edge. A vehicle crossing must be a minimum of three metres in width at the property boundary. To construct, modify or relocate a crossover you must obtain two permits from Engineering Services: Vehicle Crossing Location Approval This permit must be obtained to…

Works Zone permit

A “Works Zone” is a parking area on the carriageway, next to a construction site, which is exclusively for the use of vehicles engaged in the construction work at that site. Property owners and/or builders can reserve a “Works Zone” for a period of three (3) months via our Works Zone permit application form (pdf, 56KB). Applicants must…