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Road Occupancy Permit

Road Occupancy Permit

We are currently experiencing longer than normal wait times for customers calling to discuss permit applications.

If you wish to get in touch with our Technical Permits Department about an application or booking an inspection please e-mail tpermits@mvcc.vic.gov.au and one of our staff will reply within 2 working days.

Applying for a Road Occupancy Permit

You must obtain a Road Occupancy permit before occupying any surface on the road reserve including footpath, nature strip, channel, kerbing and road pavement.

Occupancies also include parking over dimensional vehicles for over an hour and the use of cranes.

To pay for the application by credit card, please complete and submit the Credit Card authorisation form along with your application.

Shipping Containers

While we understand that moving in, around and out of the municipality is a reality for many residents, the placement of a shipping container on the road, naturestrip, crossover or footpath is not permitted at any time.

Such large containers are not considered appropriate due to the physical make up of the streets throughout the municipality. These items are often responsible for issues including:

  • reducing sight lines for motorist, cyclists and other road user and creating conflict points
  • creating hazards for roads users
  • reducing the effectiveness of street lighting
  • delivery of these requires heavy vehicles which may cause damage to infrastructure in residential streets

Under special circumstances only and as a matter of last resort, we may grant the placement of a small PODS (Portable on Demand Storage) or TaxiBox provided these temporary storage systems comply with the VicRoads guidelines for “Placing Goods within the Road Reserve” and fall within the following parameters:

  • Cannot be over 2.2m long, 1.5m wide and 2.2m high
  • Is not over 1 tonne in weight
  • Does not remain overnight under any circumstances (must be delivered and taken away in the same day)

More Information

Please see our Road Occupancy Policy by clicking here and searching for Temporary Road Closure and Occupancy Policy.