What you need to know

Community Vision, Council Plan and Health Plan 2021 – 2025

Our blueprint for the next four years building a healthy city.

What is the Community Vision?

Our community vision for Moonee Valley in 2040 (MV2040) is a great place to live, work and visit, strengthened by a network of 20-minute neighbourhoods.

Our vision statement was refreshed in 2021, to include addressing climate change and recognition of our diverse community.

You can learn more about our community vision and what we have planned to improve the health, vibrancy and resilience of our city over the next two decades by taking a deep dive into our MV2040 website.

What is the Council Plan?

The Council Plan sets our strategic direction and focus for what we aim to achieve during each four-year Council term.

Each part of our Council Plan aligns with our community vision and long-term Strategy, MV2040.

It details how we will implement our MV2040 vision, and will guide us as we work to build a healthy city that is fairthrivingconnectedgreen and beautiful.

What is the Health Plan?

The Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan outlines actions to enable people living in our city to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

For the second time, we integrated our Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan into the Council Plan, as part of our commitment to our community vision of 'A healthy city'.

Scroll to learn more about how we're tackling inequity, and prioritising health and wellbeing for all our populations below.

Exec Helen circle

A message from the CEO

Helen Sui - Chief Executive Officer

“After a year of unprecedented disruption and accelerated change, there has never been a more critical time for strong foundational planning as we look to the future. On behalf of Moonee Valley City Council, I am extremely proud to present our foundation for the next four years: the Community Vision, Council Plan and Health Plan 2021–25.”

Council has a lot of planning documents. Where does this one sit?

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Not sure what Council does? It’s more than just rates, roads and rubbish!
Keep scrolling to find out how the Council Plan is built into the way we work every day.

Who are we? Learn about our city.

Our municipality, Moonee Valley

Here are some ways you can learn more about the City of Moonee Valley, what Council does and who makes up our community:

  • If Moonee Valley were 100 People, what would it look like? We've created an infographic to show you. Scroll down to the flip book to take a look now!
  • What does Council do? It's definitely more than rates, roads and rubbish. 
  • Understand our diverse community by reading our community profile.
  • Interested in economics? Dive into the Moonee Valley economy profile.
  • Populations are set to continue rising. Find the stats for our city with our population forecast.
  • Affordable housing is an important part of our MV2040 vision. Read our housing analysis to learn more. 

Who are we? Our role as Council.

To achieve our Council Plan there are a number of roles we play, including:


  • Provider – takes full responsibility for funding and carrying out services.
  • Partner – funds and carries out services in formal partnership with other organisations.
  • Funder – funds other organisations to carry out services, for example through grants and service delivery contracts.
  • Regulator – has statutory responsibilities and directs these activities as required.
  • Monitor – gathers information on activities and checks against progress.
  • Facilitator – encourages others to be involved in activities by bringing interested parties together to progress identified issues.
  • Advocate – promotes the interests of the community to other decision-making bodies, for example State and Federal Governments.

What are our services?

The extensive range of services we provide to the community form the foundation for delivering the Council Plan.

The bulk of our operations consist of these services, and the descriptions summarise the role of Council according to our MV2040 themes.

Fair – Qeente boordup 
Aged and disability servicesWe support older adults, people living with disability and carers to have healthy, active and independent lives.
Early years servicesWe support local families to give children the best possible start in life.
Family wellbeingWe support local families through our free maternal and child health services, immunisations and playgroup facilitation. We help to keep families healthy and connected, and assist those who need extra support.
Local laws and city compliance We enforce local laws to keep our community safe and orderly.
Young communities (Valley Youth)We run programs, events and support services for young people aged 12 to 25.
Community development and welcoming neighbourhoodsWe celebrate the diversity in our Moonee Valley community. We deliver programs and support our most vulnerable people, including cultural and linguistically diverse communities and LGBTIQA+ communities. We consult and partner with our traditional custodians, elders and local Aboriginal networks.
Community and corporate planningWe research who lives in our community and community need. We plan services and facilities in line with our research, and report on Council’s commitments.
Community safety and emergency managementWe work with partners and our community to keep you safe. We help you recover from emergencies, including natural disasters, major incidents, the COVID-19 pandemic and more.

Thriving – Bandingith 
Economic developmentWe help local businesses succeed and grow. We support vibrant activity centres. We run workshops, business training sessions and events.
Council property managementWe look after Council's land, buildings and centres. We help residents and groups use them too.
Festivals and eventsWe run local events and festivals so we can celebrate and connect with each other.
Leisure, sport and recreationWe partner to provide access to sport, fitness and leisure activities and facilities that help you keep active and healthy.
Libraries and learningWe keep our community reading and learning, no matter your age. We run libraries that are the heart of our communities.
Performing and visual artsWe bring our rich culture to life, through art, music and theatre programs. We run the Clocktower Centre and Incinerator Gallery.

Connected – Yanoninon Maggolee 
Engineering and infrastructure maintenanceWe plan and maintain Council’s roads, footpaths, drains and other public infrastructure that keep Moonee Valley going.
Traffic and transportWe help residents drive, walk, cycle and access public transport. We want transport to be safe, environmentally friendly and available for everyone.

Green – Wunwarren 
Environmental sustainabilityWe help protect our environment and enhance our urban forest. We work with the community to tackle climate change.
Waste managementWe keep Moonee Valley clean and tidy. We manage street sweeping, recycling, rubbish collection and the Moonee Valley Transfer Station.

Beautiful – Nga-Ango Gunga 
Capital works planning and deliveryWe plan, build and improve Council roads, paths, drains, buildings, public facilities and spaces to meet the needs of our community. We work with external partners on major transport and building projects.
Statutory planning and building enforcement We oversee growth and development in Moonee Valley. We protect what makes our neighbourhoods unique.
Strategic land planningWe support Moonee Valley's growth. We make sure plans, investment and decisions meet community needs now, and in the future.
Parks and gardensWe keep Moonee Valley beautiful, green and leafy. We look after our local parks, gardens, nature reserves, sports grounds, and the trees in our streets.

Our health and wellbeing commitment.

We take a holistic view of health, aligned with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities’ understanding that health and wellbeing comprises the way in which individuals and the whole community experience physical, mental and spiritual, emotional and social wellbeing.

We are committed to promoting diversity, social inclusion, integration and collaboration in local communities and neighbourhoods, firmly grounded in social justice principles including human rights, access, equity and participation.

The Moonee Valley Health and Wellbeing Profile 2021 presents data on the many factors that influence our health and wellbeing, known as the 'social determinants of health'.

This includes research on:

  • demographics
  • individual lifestyle behaviours
  • living and working conditions
  • neighbourhood and environmental factors
  • health and wellbeing conditions

It also examines the impact of COVID-19 on the health and wellbeing of our community. This data helped inform the Community Vision, Council Plan and Health Plan 2021-25 and is useful while we are planning for the future, to make sure that no one in our community is left behind.

How we are tackling inequity.

Prioritising our target populations

Central to MV2040 and our Council Plan is the recognition that some of our community members experience disproportionate levels of disadvantage.

We know that it is only through tackling inequity that we can reduce barriers and allow all community members to live full and healthy lives. 

Equity is about reducing the differences in health and wellbeing experienced by different groups and communities, so that everyone has the same opportunity to feel included and able to participate in community life.

Council must be proactive in reducing health, social and economic inequity between groups and communities.

This plan, including all its strategies and initiatives, prioritises and targets those who are likely to experience the greatest inequities in health and social outcomes.

These target populations include:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Older people
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse
  • People with disability or mental illness
  • People living on low and/or insufficient incomes
  • Carers
  • Homeless people and/or those in housing stress
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Gender Diverse, Intersex, Queer, Asexual and all other identities (LGBTIQA+)
  • Young people
  • Socially, locally and technologically isolated people
  • Children of all ages, with special attention to the first thousand days (pregnancy to two years)
  • People at risk of exclusion due to reasons that may include family violence, pay inequities, unemployment, gender stereotypes, being single parents, divorced or widowed.

Summaries of this Plan have been translated into Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Somali, Turkish and Vietnamese. An Accessible Word document version, for people who use screen readers to listen to text, is also available.

Our resilient organisation.

Delivering our community vision

In addition to our many services listed, Council has a set of core corporate services that support Council staff, teams and management to meet our commitments and obligations. These services make sure we are a resilient organisation that is sustainable, innovative, engaging and accountable.

Customers and communications We provide customer service to the community. We promote and provide information about Council services, events, programs and decisions.
PeopleWe support our managers and staff, give employment- related advice and recruit, on-board and off-board staff.
Systems and knowledgeWe provide services including information technology, records and applications. We support our staff to have the right technology to do their jobs. We ensure our systems are stable, secure and up-to-date.
Finance and assets We provide financial services including procurement, fleet management and accounts payable. We undertake financial and management reporting.
GovernanceWe make sure we comply with the Victorian Local Government Act 2020 and all our statutory reporting obligations. We provide advice on service planning and risk.

How to read the plan

These keywords will help you understand how all the elements of the plan work together.

Council Plan Strategies

The strategies contribute to addressing our city’s health and wellbeing needs and are structured according to MV2040 themes. These strategies will also help us recover from the COVID-19 pandemic over the next four years. These strategies address the priorities the community has asked us to focus on throughout our engagement activities.

Council Plan initiatives

The initiatives to achieve each strategy will be developed and reviewed annually. These are specific actions we will work on each year to deliver on our four-year strategies.

Integrated strategic indicators

The Plan identifies strategic indicators that are guided by frameworks, including the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Outcomes Framework. These integrated indicators allow Council to measure progress against the Council Plan strategic objectives and the longer-term MV2040 strategic directions.

Our 2021-25 Council Plan Strategies

The Council Plan outlines 21 strategies that we will focus on over the next four years. Each year, we will create an annual plan showing the initiatives we will deliver over the next twelve months that will help us achieve our strategies.

F1. Celebrate Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung culture and heritage and promote social justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, by delivering the Reconciliation Plan.
F2. Promote social and cultural inclusion and support the mental health needs of our youth and the broader community, by delivering targeted initiatives and programs.
F3. Prevent violence against women and families and support those experiencing it to access appropriate help, by working with partner organisations.
F4. Support people living with a disability, the elderly and carers to have healthy, active and independent lives, by delivering the Disability Action Plan.
F5. Support local families to give children the best possible start in life, by developing and delivering a Family and Children's Framework including consideration of infrastructure needs.
F6. Provide safe, accessible and welcoming places for all to access services, by delivering environmentally sustainable community hubs.
F7. Show the community our progress towards the MV2040 strategy, by developing and delivering a reporting framework.
F8. Support young people in our city to participate in decision-making, advocacy and community life by developing and delivering a youth-led program of initiatives.

T1. Help local businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, grow the local economy including a diverse night-time economy, and create more local jobs, by providing support through targeted programs and other initiatives.
T2. Support all members of the community to take part in sport and recreation, by developing and delivering sustainable facilities.
T3. Encourage our community to continue learning throughout their life, by expanding the reach of our library collections, services and programs.
T4. Support and enable local creative artists and industries, celebrate our local community and activate local spaces, by developing and delivering targeted initiatives and programs.

C1. Encourage active transport and physical activity, by providing a safe, accessible and connected network of suitable walking and cycling infrastructure.
C2. Improve sustainable and accessible transport options across the city, by strongly advocating for better access to reliable public transport.
C3. Reduce road trauma, congestion, pollution, travel times and parking issues, and increase road safety, by developing and delivering targeted solutions.

G1. Help reduce our city’s carbon emissions, by facilitating the most cost-effective, evidence-based Council and community projects, including implementing the Green Action Plan, with the Community Climate Emissions Reduction Reserve.
G2. Cool our city, by growing our urban forest and delivering integrated water management strategies.
G3. Reduce waste going to landfill, by working with community partners, other councils and the state government.

B1. Improve community access to nature by creating new parks and enhancing and protecting existing open spaces and waterways.
B2. Implement appropriate land use controls across the city, including reformed residential zones, and facilitate the delivery of a mix of housing, by continuing to develop Neighbourhood Plans.
B3. Enrich our neighbourhoods’ unique identities, by continuing to identify and protect places of local heritage significance.

  • Customers and communications
  • People
  • Systems and knowledge
  • Finance and assets
  • Governance

What we’re focusing on for 2021/22

These initiatives form our annual plan. They will be supported by the services, facilities and programs that Council delivers daily to safeguard and improve the health, safety, and wellbeing of our community.

F1.1 Implement the 2021/22 items in the Reconciliation plan.
F2.1 Ensure programs are available and accessible to our community, especially to target populations, to address health and social inequalities and support people to engage in activities to promote their wellbeing.
F2.2 Partner with volunteer organisations to increase volunteer engagement within the City.
F2.3 Celebrate, acknowledge, include and raise the visibility of LGBTIQA+ community members in celebrations, events and activities.
F3.1 Partner with Moonee Valley Legal Service to support the Moonee Valley Family Violence Network.
F3.2 Implement the relevant 2021/22 actions within the Elder Abuse Prevention Plan.
F4.1 Implement the relevant actions in the current Disability Action Plan and commence development of a new Plan.
F5.1 Commence the development of a Families and Children’s Framework.
F6.1 Complete construction of the Keilor East Leisure Centre.
F6.2 Start construction of the Flemington Hub.
F7.1 Launch the MV2040 and Council Plan website.

T1.1 Evaluate the Outdoor Trading Program and identify programs and policies that would benefit businesses in Moonee Valley in the future and help them recover from the impacts of COVID-19.
T1.2 Progress the Moonee Ponds Activity Centre Streetscapes and Public Spaces Plan.
T1.3 Complete the designs for the Keilor Road (Niddrie) Precinct.
T2.1 Progress the delivery of key sporting and recreation projects within the municipality, including BMX and mountain bike facilities.
T3.1 Launch Council’s mobile library van to extend the reach of our library and learning opportunities and services.
T3.2 Complete the designs for the upgrade of the Flemington Library to increase accessibility of the facility.
T4.1 Commence engagement with the community and the creative sector to develop a draft Arts and Culture Plan.

C1.1 Progress the delivery of key active travel projects and programs, for example along Moonee Ponds Creek, Rosehill Park to Steel Creek Path.
C2.1 Advocate for a Western Gateway train station in Airport West and optimise opportunities that align with our advocacy strategy.
C3.1 Progress the delivery of key transport projects and programs, for example the delivery the Better Moves Around Schools and the Local Area Traffic Management program.

G1.1 Support the community to reduce carbon emissions through programs, education and other initiatives, and engaging with the community on the reduction priorities.
G2.1 Continue to plant more trees in streets and reserves to increase canopy cover and reduce urban heat island impacts.
G2.2 Deliver projects that improve integrated water management outcomes, by using stormwater for irrigation and reducing waterway pollution.
G3.1 Develop an action plan to increase diversion of key materials from landfill for recycling.

B1.1 Commence the naturalisation of Moonee Ponds Creek in collaboration with key partners and stakeholders.
B1.2 Complete community engagement and draft a concept plan for a regional playground in Rosehill Park.
B2.1 Progress plans for the Airport West and Keilor East neighbourhoods.

How we’ll measure our success

Our Integrated MV2040, Council Plan and Health Plan Strategic Indicators will help us measure our achievements over the next four years.

Fair - Qeente boordup

A city that celebrates diversity

  • Reduced economic inequality.
  • Foster respect and appreciation of diversity.

A city with a dynamic network of accessible community facilities and services

  • Increased access to services and facilities.

A city where people are healthy and safe

  • Positive mental and physical health.
  • Safe environments for children and families.

A city where residents can engage, participate and influence change

  • Increased democratic participation.
  • Increased participation in community engagement activities.

Thriving - Bandingith

A city with opportunities to learn and work

  • Increased opportunities for professional and volunteer work.
  • Increased early education participation.
  • Increased number of residents engaged in lifelong learning.
  • Reduced financial insecurity and stress.

A city that responds to a changing economic landscape

  • Sustainable local economy.

A city with things to see and do

  • Increased number and diversity of arts and cultural activities.
  • Increased range and quality of sporting facilities

A city that is technology ready

  • Utilisation of Smart City technologies

Connected – Yanoninon Maggolee

A city with streets and spaces for all people

  • Reduce road injuries and fatalities towards achieving Vision Zero.
  • Increased availability and connectivity of active transport infrastructure.

A city where sustainable transport is the easy option

  • Increased access to public transport.
  • Increased levels of sustainable commuting.

A city at the forefront of transport technology

  • Uptake of new transport technology

Green – Wunwarren

A city that rethinks waste

  • Increase waste diverted from landfill.

A city that is cool and climate-adapted

  • Increased ability for households to adapt to the health impacts of climate change.

A city that is low carbon

  • Reduced Council carbon emissions.
  • Reduced Community carbon emissions.

A city that is green and water-sensitive

  • Increased size and health of our urban forest.
  • Reduced Council water use.
  • Increased stormwater harvested for irrigation.

Beautiful - Nga-Ango Gunga

A city that fosters local identity

  • Preservation and appreciation of our unique cultural heritage.

A city of high-quality design

  • Increased accessibility of Council facilities.

A city with vibrant and safe public spaces

  • Increased safety and attractiveness of public spaces.

A city in a beautiful landscape setting

  • Increased accessibility and quality of open space.

Our visual summaries

Not a fan of long, corporate documents? Flip through these visual summaries, including:

  • Acknowledgement of Country & Statement of commitment
  • MV2040 Community Vision, MV2040 Strategic Directions and Council Plan Strategic Objectives
  • 4 Year Council Plan Strategies
  • 2021/22 Council Plan Initiatives
  • Integrated MV2040, Council and Health Plan Strategic Indicators
  • If Moonee Valley was 100 People Infographic

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