What you need to know


We believe that advocacy is one of the most important roles of local government.

We have developed our Advocacy Strategy 2022-25 to demonstrate our priorities and our commitment to advocating for all those who live, work, learn and play in Moonee Valley. As the closest level of government to the community, we’re best placed to work with our community to identify their needs and to raise these with decisionmakers at all levels.

Our Advocacy Strategy also aligns to our priorities in MV2040 and our Council Plan as we work to turn our Community Vision into reality.

We know there’s work to be done, we’ve laid out our priorities, now we’ll work towards them. But we need your help, and the support of our stakeholders, to make it happen.

Our advocacy priorities

Issues marked with a flag are Council's top-tier priorities. We’ve heard from the community that these are the issues they want raised first.


We are seeking an expansion of local mental health services, giving recognition to the impact of COVID. We need a headspace clinic for Moonee Valley.

Ask: A headspace clinic in Moonee Valley.

Moonee Valley is rapidly becoming recognised as a leader for our innovative jobs-creation initiatives, which create pathways into employment for diverse communities.

Ask: $915,000 per annum funding to support the expansion of our employment programs and business revitalisation initiatives.

Family violence is increasing in Moonee Valley. We want to work with our community to promote the importance of gender equality, and prevent and respond to family violence and elder abuse.

Ask: $500,000 funding from State and Federal partners to deliver our women’s leadership program for three years and expand its reach, and $375,000 funding over three years to support the implementation of Council’s Elder Abuse and Dementia strategies.

We’re seeking support to provide our community with more active and sustainable methods of transport, including the development of a Western Gateway Station as part of the Airport Rail Link and Suburban Rail Loop.

Ask: We are seeking greater investment from other levels of government and supportive partners toward walking and cycling infrastructure, including on arterial roads and along our waterways. We’re also asking the State Government to commit to a Western Gateway Station.

We have a big and bold vision to revitalise our streets and commercial areas post-COVID. It’s also vital that we improve safety and amenity at three major Moonee Valley intersections and junctions: Moonee Ponds, Essendon, and Essendon North.

Ask: We’re seeking cross-Government collaboration to deliver proposed streetscape renewal projects at Racecourse Road, Keilor Road and the Moonee Ponds Activity Centre, a State Budget commitment to upgrades to the Moonee Ponds Junction and support to create a plan for improved safety and amenity at the Essendon and Essendon North intersections.

Council is committed to the provision of quality, affordable and accessible sporting and leisure facilities as part of its strategy to develop a healthy, vibrant and inclusive community.

Ask: We are seeking support and partnerships to help deliver three priority community sporting infrastructure projects: a highball stadium; soccer infrastructure; and the revitalisation of Windy Hill.

Council is committed to progressing advocacy, planning and partnership opportunities to support access to contemporary, sustainable early years facilities.

Ask: Financial and in-kind support from government and non-government partners to plan for and construct new kinder facilities. We will also continue to advocate for long-term secure funding for early years education.

We want to transform Niddrie Library into a thriving space of learning, gathering and economic development for the whole community to enjoy.

Ask: Funding towards the estimated project costs of $30 million.

We want to bring to life our vision to create a professionally accredited public art gallery in Melbourne’s West.

Ask: We’re seeking funding to support this $10 million project that will include work to protect the building’s structural integrity, the installation of climate control to allow touring exhibitions and purpose-built storage for the Moonee Valley City Art Collection.

Moonee Valley is a City bounded by waterways. We need to preserve them, protect them, and recognise their rich heritage.

Ask: We’re seeking funding of between $500,000 and $5 million to deliver components of the vision identified in Chain of Ponds. We also want to deliver action at Steele Creek and Maribyrnong River, as outlined in MV2040

An investment in Moonee Valley’s parks and open space is an opportunity to make a highly-visible contribution to living infrastructure beloved by our community.

Ask: We are seeking funding to revitalise our public spaces, purchase new open space and improve amenities in our open spaces to ensure that they are valuable to all residents. Projects include Rosehill Regional Playground at up to $10 million, and Nursery Corner estimated at $3 million.

Moonee Valley is strengthened by its network of 20-minute neighbourhoods. We want to plan and build a city that is beautiful, accessible and responds thoughtfully to population growth.

Ask: We seek:

  • an open and collaborative dialogue with the State Government on planning reforms
  • the continuation of State Government rates on social housing dwellings
  • installation of free Wi-Fi on the Ascot Vale and Flemington public housing estates
  • a plan to address traffic, transport and environmental impacts arising from the development of the Maribyrnong Defence Site
  • the delivery of the North-West City Deal.

Achieving a zero carbon Moonee Valley

We acknowledge that climate change is the biggest threat to our community and is working towards achieving zero net emissions in Moonee Valley by 2040.

Ask: We’re seeking opportunities to co-fund the delivery of local sustainability projects and strategies. Council is also asking the State and Federal Governments to urgently review options for transitioning away from fossil fuels and towards a net zero emissions energy system.

We are committed to investing in sustainable waste management systems that contribute towards our goal of diverting 90 per cent of household waste and waste from Council operations from landfill by 2040.

Ask: We’re seeking support from the State Government to implement the new recycling and circular economy systems in order to meet State-wide targets for 2030.

Pandemic recovery

We’ve made a commitment to work with our community to revitalise and rebuild in the wake of COVID. Some of our ideas, which we’ve built based on community feedback, include:

  • creating pathways into jobs and employment for a post-COVID economy.
  • supporting local business, including by cutting red tape, and investing in COVIDSafety support and initiatives.
  • rebuilding sectors which have been amongst those hardest-hit by COVID, including the arts, entertainment and nightlife economies.
  • investing in services and infrastructure which foster community connection and cohesion, including aged care, disability services, libraries and community facilities.
  • nurturing the good mental health of our community, including young people.
  • preventing and responding to violence in all its forms.
  • creating green and vibrant open spaces.
  • improving accessibility and amenity in our parks and open spaces.
  • more and safer cycling options, so commuters have alternatives to public transport which don’t exclusively require the use of private vehicles.
  • creating wider paths where appropriate, in both parks (shared paths) and shopping precincts (footpaths), to allow for social distancing.
  • upgrading infrastructure like crossings, so you can avoid touching a button.
  • delivering waste and sanitation services that ensure the community feels confident about hygiene and cleanliness.

With support from other levels of government and likeminded stakeholders, we can turn these ideas into reality.

Why we advocate

We advocate so that everyone who lives, works, plays or learns in Moonee Valley has what they need to thrive.

Some projects and initiatives are out of Council’s direct control – like building train stations, or upgrading major roads. Even though these projects cannot be delivered by Council directly, we advocate to other levels of government to turn good ideas, into reality.

Some issues affect more than one Council, so we may join with other local governments to advance our shared interest.

To deliver Council-led projects and help balance the contribution made by ratepayers, we seek funding from other interested partners. This can include applying for grants, or seeking funding commitments at election time.

How we advocate

There are a range of tools which we can use to advocate effectively, including:

  • running campaigns to raise awareness of issues in the community and encourage community involvement
  • developing partnerships with key stakeholders, local and regional organisations, and peak bodies
  • liaising with local Members of Parliament, State and Federal Ministers, Shadow Ministers, Opposition and Crossbench members, and local State and Federal election candidates
  • participating in the work of peak bodies and regional organisations including M9 and the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV)
  • making submissions to government and parliamentary enquiries
  • identifying and applying for grants to secure funding
  • promoting commitments, where we receive them, to encourage other parties and stakeholders to lend their support engaging with media on advocacy priorities.

How you can get involved

There are many ways for you to become an advocate. You can:

  • visit YourSay Moonee Valley to contribute to Council consultations

  • attend a Council Meeting, either in-person or virtually.

  • write a letter or request to meet with a Member of Parliament

  • join one of Moonee Valley’s local community groups, such as Friends of groups, sustainability organisations, Rotary or the Country Women’s Association

  • start or fill out a petition.

Our progress

Want to know more?

To find out more about how we’re implementing our Advocacy Strategy, and other ways you can get involved, contact our Advocacy team at advocacy@mvcc.vic.gov.au.

As part of our commitment to accountability and transparency, we will release an Advocacy Report Card each year to report back to the community on its delivery of the Advocacy Strategy.

The first report card will be released at the end of 2022.